Breath of the Wild Release Date Outed

The Breath of the Wild Release date may have been outed by way of the amiibo release date, possibly paving the way for the launch date for Nintendo’s epic title which may have been leaked on several official European Nintendo websites. The release date is listed as March 4, 2017. The date also shows up in the sites’ source code.



This may point the way to both Breath of the Wild’s release date but also the release date for the codename Nintendo NX. This Breath of the Wild release date is plausible, considering the NX was said to release in March and Breath of the Wild is a no-brainer as a launch title for the system. The last time a Nintendo system launched with a Zelda game was the Wii, and that game, Twilight Princess, had an initial 75% attach rate to the system. There is no doubt that Breath of the Wild will launch on the Nintendo NX, it’s just a matter of when the system will be released. The Super Smash Bros. amiibo were released in the same time frame as Super Smash Bros. was released for the Wii U, so it is likely that if this information is legit, this is the launch window for the NX.

We will update this story as more information becomes available.


Nintendo Continues Partnership With Dark Horse With Zelda Art Book

Nintendo is continuing the partnership they established with Dark Horse Comics and releasing a new Zelda art book, The Legend of Zelda: Art & Artifacts. Dark Horse perviously published The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia, and Art & Artifacts is to be the first in a brand new line of Zelda books in a collaboration between Nintendo and Dark Horse.


The most interesting bit about this new Legend of Zelda art book is that it will include “a sneak peek at art from the newest game in the series, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, prior to its official release.” Art & Artifacts is slated to be released on February 21, 2017, so the rumored March release date of Breath of the Wild is plausible given the book’s release.

“Readers can peruse over four hundred pages of fully realized artistic masterpieces, exclusive interviews with the design team behind the beloved video game franchise, the official pixel art of the early series, and rare promotional art never before published in this format. The Legend of Zelda: Art & Artifacts offers fans a sneak peek at art from the newest game in the series, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, prior to its official release.”

The Legend of Zelda: Art & Artifacts sounds like every Zelda fan’s dream come true, and given the quality of Hyrule Historia there is no doubt it will be a best seller, especially considering the fact that it contains artwork for Breath of the Wild before it’s even released. We can’t wait to see what else Nintendo and Dark Horse have in store for us!

Nintendo Teases With Breath of the Wild Videos

Nintendo has posted several Breath of the Wild videos, teasing fans on social media who can’t get enough Zelda. Some may take this as a bit of a troll move on Nintendo’s part since the game doesn’t come out until at least March, but every second more that is shown of the title is nothing less than splendid.  Posting on both Twitter and Facebook, Nintendo showed off two different aspects of gameplay in their short but sweet Breath of the Wild videos.

In the first video, Link is shown exploring one of the many shrines found in the game, the Shrine Oman Au. Here our favorite hero shows off his magnesis ability in order to solve puzzles, a staple of the series. The second video, posted on Nintendo’s official Facebook page, deals more with the exploration and open-world aspect of the game. It shows Link picking up the Woodcutter’s Axe, mowing down a tree, and then using the said tree in order to cross over an abyss. It’s unlike anything we’ve seen in a Zelda game, showing the intricacies of traversing this new Hyrule.

These videos are short but sweet and furthers our excitement for Breath of the Wild. Our time with it at E3 was nothing short of spectacular and we savored every moment. That being said, it is curious that Nintendo is releasing all these short videos at this juncture when the game won’t even come out until the Nintendo NX launches. It could be that they have something else up their sleeves; we’ll just have to stay tuned. Breath of the Wild is one of the most anticipated games of all time, as it takes all the best elements of Zelda and puts them together, not unlike Ocarina of Time did. It has an intriguing narrative, total freedom with plenty of exploration, and some brilliant puzzle solving mechanics. The game will be brilliant, but it’s a shame that the release window is so far away.

EternaLegend Dazzles Us With Her Breath of the Wild Fanart

EternaLegend is synonymous in the realm of Zelda fan art. For years she dazzled the Zelda community with her talents, even meeting Eiji Aonuma. While she is no longer focusing on Zelda, she did create two stunning pieces of art in commemoration of Breath of the Wild and the sheer amount of excitement fans expressed about the game all over the world. EternaLegend is so passionate when it comes to Zelda, and this is apparent by the art she creates based on the series.



The artwork is extraordinary and truly captures the essence of the latest installment in the Zelda franchise. While EternaLegend is busy attending school and chasing her dreams of working in the video game industry, she can’t help but to go back to her roots.

You can check out EternaLegend’s artwork on her DeviantArt page. Her art is such a pleasure to view, and there is no doubt that she will succeed in fulfilling her dreams. Plus, she got to present her work to Eiji Aonuma, every Zelda fan’s dream. How cool is that?

The Water Temple Made in Unreal Engine 4

Continuing the tradition of re-creating classic Zelda locales using the Unreal Engine, a video of the Water Temple made in Unreal Engine 4 was created by a YouTuber who goes by the name of Albert Wesker in this stunning video. The Water Temple is both beloved and loathed because of its perceived difficulty in the 90s, which is why it is one of the best dungeons to grace the Zelda franchise.

The video is stunning, giving us a tour of the storied temple. Wesker even added his own flavor  to the temple, including some plant life that grows in the water. The Water Temple was the pinnacle of dungeons of its day, stumping even the most hardcore Zelda fans, including yours truly. To see it brought to life in this stunning fashion leaves one breathless, thirsting for more. As more and more of these videos are coming out, there is no doubt we will see more, but it is doubtful to quench our longing for more.

The Water Temple made in Unreal Engine 4 is epic, and hopefully these fan creations can inspire Nintendo to create a true remake of the masterpiece on the Nintendo NX. Maybe for Ocarina of Time’s 20th anniversary in 2018? One can only dream . . .

333 Lucky Fans Will Play the Breath of the Wild Demo at EB Games Expo

333 lucky fans will play the Breath of the Wild demo at the EB Games Expo 21016. The demo will be the same one shown at E3 2016, according to an EB games representative. To be eligible for this once in a lifetime experience, you must have bought at least four Zelda games from EB Games. It is unknown if there is any other way to become eligible. The Breath of the Wild demo, like the one at E3 2016, will have a 45-minute cutoff time.


We went hands-on with the demo at E3 2016 and were left mesmerized. It is definitely a different take on both the familiar gameplay that has been present in the Zelda series since 1998 and the Zelda mythos. The story has a very unique tone to it and is different than any other Zelda game that we have seen to date. It will be interesting to see how the gameplay is balanced with the story, as this was one of the staple marks of Ocarina of Time.

We are very excited for the game’s full release and fans of the series who get the chance to play the Breath of the Wild demo are in for a treat.

Nintendo Gives a Glimpse of The Temple of Time in Breath of the Wild

Nintendo has given fans a sneak peak of The Temple of Time in Breath of the Wild, Nintendo’s upcoming installment in their storied franchise. This glimpse comes courtesy of their Facebook page, where a 36-second clip was posted focusing on the temple that was first introduced in Ocarina of Time.

While it is depressing to see the Temple desecrated and in ruins, one very interesting tidbit is the fact that the Goddess statue from Skyward Sword is inside the Temple. This leads credence to the fact that the Sealed Temple from Skyward Sword is in fact the Temple of Time, something fans have been debating for years. The Breath of the Wild demo makes this theory fairly obvious.


I for one cannot wait to see the role the Temple of Time plays in Breath of the Wild. It literally brought me to tears during my playthrough during the E3 2016 demo. The role of the Temple of Time in Breath of the Wild is hopefully a profound one, as the Temple of Time is one of the most storied structures in all of Hyrule.

Breath of the Wild is shaping up to be one of the best Zelda outings in years.