It’s Time for an Ocarina of Time HD Remake For the Switch

Ocarina of Time was on every kids’ Christmas list in December 1998, myself included. It’s a game that changed a generation and propelled the games into what they’ve become today. While Breath of the Wild has been a massive success, it lacks a little something: that thing is called a heat. Maybe I’m viewing Ocarina of Time through nostalgia-tinted glasses, but, it’s the best Zelda game to come out in the past 20 years, with A Link to the Past and Breath of the Wild hot in pursuit. One thing that is an even more interesting prospect is a remake of our beloved classic. While Breath of the Wild was a masterpiece and it got the exploration aspect of Zelda correct, Ocarina of Time got the story point-on. Meld these two games together? You’d get the perfect video game experience.

HD Zelda collection for the switch

Skyward Sword probably had the best Zelda story. Yet, by this same token, it was unable to balance the gameplay experience with the narrative, which was the game’s downfall. This was not an issue with Ocarina of Time. It had the perfect balance of gameplay, narrative, and even music. While Skwyard Sword has the strongest narrative in the series, Ocarina of Time has the most balanced. This is why it is the best Zelda game of all time and why it resonates with so many people across the world.

For its 20th anniversary (which would be next year) Ocarina of Time deserves a complete remake. The dungeons can remain the same, the puzzles filled with familiarity yet a touch of unfamiliarity, but this masterpiece deserves the treatment that so many AAA games from its time are receiving (Final Fantasy VII, Shadow of the Colossus, etc.) It’s the greatest game of all time, although some Nintendo Switch fanboys will beg to differ (Super Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild.) The fact of the matter of though is that it’s time.

Last year’s Unreal Engine footage showcased how amazing Zelda could look. More than a Skyward Sword remake or a another expansion for Breath of the WildOcarina of Time looked breathtaking. It would be Nintendo’s perfect opportunity to introduce the classic to a new generation of Zelda fans as well as provide a brand new experience for long-time fans of the game.

Fans were in awe when they saw Ocarina of Time running in unreal engine. We have always craved a true High Definition version of Ocarina of Time. Perhaps Nintendo, after 20 years, will finally deliver on how Ocarina of Time was always supposed to look.


Nintendo Needs an HD Zelda Collection for the Switch

Many accused the Switch of merely being a “Zelda machine” when it launched, as Breath of the Wild was the one must-have game for the system. Now, the Nintendo Switch has grown its library quite a bit. They have released a major title every month since release. While Breath of the Wild was initially the reason people bought a Switch, players are now playing Splatoon 2ARMSPokken TournamentMario Kart 8 Deluxe, and more. Super Mario Odyssey is coming out later this month. Nintendo newest console clearly isn’t a “Zelda machine”, but it would clearly benefit by having an HD Zelda collection for the Switch.

Wii U Remasters

The Wii U was a commercial failure. No one can deny that. It did, however, come out with some amazing software.  Two games that released for the Wii U were The Wind Waker HD and Twilight Princess HD. Both are definitive versions of their respective titles and are two of the most highly regarded Zelda games. Both sold over 1 million copies on a failed system. Considering how well they sold and the games’ popularity, they would be a perfect fit on the Switch. So many people who own a Nintendo Switch now did not own a Wii U. There were so many people who missed out on these versions of The Wind Waker and Twilight Princess. It would be smart for Nintendo to capitalize on this and release them on the Switch. Better yet, they should include them in a collection, similar to what they did during the GameCube eraBreath of the Wild is already a hit, and without a Virtual Console on the Wii U, why not capitalize on Zelda’s current popularity?

3DS Remasters

Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask are regarded as the best Zelda games of all time, not taking into account Breath of the Wild. Their 3DS remasters only amplified these masterpieces. The visuals were improved and changes were made to Majora’s Mask’s save system which enhanced it. To not release these games on the Nintendo Switch would be criminal. They wouldn’t need to be remastered again; merely upscale it and add it to the HD collection. I still regard Ocarina of Time to be the greatest game of all time, even though I do think Breath of the Wild is a better game (I know this is somewhat of a contradiction, but they came out at different times so it’s hard to truly compare). Majora’s Mask and Ocarina of Time have been available on every Nintendo system since the Nintendo 64 (not counting the GameBoy Advance). Two of the greatest games of all time (not just Zelda games) should come out on Nintendo’s greatest console of all time, period.

Classic Zelda

The Legend of ZeldaZelda II: The Adventure of Link, and A Link to the Past have never been released in one collection together. A Link to the Past was oddly left out of the GameCube Zelda Collector’s Edition. They belong together though. While they don’t require any kind of HD remaster, being able to play them all on the Nintendo Switch with previous Zelda games would be any video game fan’s dream come true. Some prefer classic Zelda, others modern Zelda, but a true Zelda HD Collection would have something for everyone. Including every console Zelda game on one cartridge (minus Breath of the Wild) is a necessity for Nintendo. Not only would it capitalize on the current success of Zelda, but it would introduce older Zelda titles to a brand new audience.

Some of my fondest memories are playing A Link to the Past with my dad when I was six years old. I’m not quite as old as my dad was then, but it would be amazing to share the same experience with my future children, and I think many would feel the same. Classic Zelda informed what the series has become. These games have been available on almost every Nintendo system. They need to be available on the Switch.

Skyward Sword

Skyward Sword is a very interesting case. People either loved it or they didn’t. Personally, I really enjoyed it. It’s the polar opposite of Breath of the Wild though; as opposed to being character-driven and more adventure-oriented, Skyward Sword was plot-driven. It still has the best narrative of any Zelda game and the dungeons were top notch. Some thought it was too linear, and while I somewhat disagree, there are valid points to be made there. A high-definition remake of Skyward Sword would fulfill what Miyamoto’s vision for the game was.

Skyward Sword utilized a blur effect to make it appear to be like something out of a water painting. Because of the technical limitations of the Nintendo Wii, this didn’t always come across as it was intended. A high-definition remake, however, would rectify this. Visually, Skyward Sword would finally look how it was always intended to look. Skyward Sword was also released at the very end of the Wii’s lifecycle and wasn’t pushed onto a new system like Twilight Princess or Breath of the Wild, so a lot of people missed out on it. Putting the game on a Zelda HD Collection on the Nintendo Switch would allow new players to experience it and let us see how Skyward Sword was always envisioned to look in high-definition glory.

Bottom Line

With no Virtual Console and Zelda’s popularity being at an all-time high, Nintendo needs to take advantage of this. An HD collection including these eight Zelda console games would be a must-have for all gamers, especially since the Switch can be taken on the go as a portable device. Many people missed out on the HD remasters of Twilight Princess and The Wind WakerSkyward Sword would finally be seen as it was originally envisioned. A single collection with Ocarina of TimeMajora’s MaskThe Wind WakerSkyward SwordTwilight PrincessA Link to the PastThe Legend of Zelda, and Zelda II: The Adventure of Link would be like nothing ever released. There’s no excuse not to do this. Breath of the Wild introduced a lot of new fans to Zelda. Nintendo needs to continue this momentum and release a Zelda HD collection and continue to grow the fanbase. What do they have to lose?

With the upcoming release of the Zelda Encyclopedia, a Zelda HD collection would even give fans a chance to play the major entries in the series in chronological order on the Nintendo Switch!

Breath of the Wild is 2017’s GOTY

When I initially played Breath of the Wild I was actually somewhat disappointed. As someone who loved Ocarina of Time’s balance between plot and gameplay, I found the narrative in Breath of the Wild somewhat lackluster. The story is told through flashbacks almost entirely, and while the story is good, I was disappointed with its presentation. Ganon didn’t turn up until the end, and he was just a mindless beast. It lacked the epic nature of Ocarina of Time. Story was sacrificed for exploration and freedom. I realized something though. While the overarching narrative wasn’t on the same level as Ocarina of Time (at least for me), there were so many amazing character moments. Breath of the Wild is a more personal tale in the same vein of Majora’s Mask, which some believe to be the greatest Zelda game of all-time. Everything else in Breath of the Wild reaches a level of perfection that no other game has if you take this into account. The puzzles are still there and you are always discovering something new. Yes, there have been some great games that have been released this year, and some better games yet to come, but Breath of the Wild is 2017’s GOTY because it has a level of fulfillment that no other game has reached. Ever.


The only word I can come up with to really encapsulate Breath of the Wild’s story is that it’s incredibly tragic. Hyrule is in ruin, with the population completely scattered about. The “memories” Link gains throughout his journey are the best part of the narrative, and Zelda, much like in Skyward Sword, has both a personality and develops as a character as the game progresses. The story is character-driven, not plot-driven like so many other installments in the Zelda franchise. Link’s bond with each champion takes a different form. Mipha is in love with him. Revali does not hide his disdain for Link, but begins to respect him. Daruk is like a big brother to Link, much like Darunia before him. Urbosa is a mentor figure. Much like Majora’s Mask, there are a plethora of sidequests in Breath of the Wild. I didn’t really complete them at first, which I believe is what lead to my initial disappointment. I wanted to finish the main story first. But each NPC in the game is unique and like a living, breathing person. They all have their own personality and spunk; you just have to put in the effort to dig a little deeper. That can be hard with such a massive game, but it’s totally worth it and adds to both the game’s level of quality and the quality of your experience.


The puzzles in Breath of the Wild are found scattered throughout 120 shrines in the game. There are only four dungeons in the game, although each of them use similar mechanics as far as the puzzles go (the Divine Beasts.) Now I personally play Zelda for the puzzles (and story, but the puzzles keep bringing me back.) The shrines in Breath of the Wild, while short, have unique puzzles which you can solve in a multitude of different ways. This is very cool. You gain each rune (which replaces traditional dungeon items) in the beginning of the game so you can complete each shrine (and dungeon) in whatever order you see fit. There’s also an exploration aspect to it as well, as the shrines can sometimes be very difficult to find, even with the tracker. They take maybe 10-20 minutes tops to complete, but it actually adds to the game and doesn’t detract from it. Given how massive the game world is, puzzles in smaller doses (though a lot of them) makes the whole game easier to swallow.

The dungeon design, as always, is superb. They aren’t very long, but the puzzles are incredibly clever and they are very different than dungeons from previous Zelda installments. It gives them a unique flavor. The bosses are also challenging and each form of Ganon uses the corresponding element from their given dungeon. It’s a little repetitive, but it works, and it’s fun. That’s what truly matters in the end and embodies Nintendo’s philosophy when it comes to making games.


Oh man. To say Breath of the Wild is an enormous game is a huge understatement. When Eiji Aonuma said that they were going to go back to the roots of the Zelda franchise, he wasn’t lying. The sheer amount to discover is astounding. It’s so much fun; discovering new weapons, new locations, new enemies, new Towers to unlock the world map. There’s simply so much to do. I’ve unlocked the world map (found all the towers), completed 80 shrines and all the Divine Beasts, found roughly 40 Korok Seeds, and I’m only at an 18.1% completion rate in the game.

This is the only game other than Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess that has given me this sense of wonder and novelty. I can literally just walk around the overworld, finding new weapons and fighting enemies, and I can have the greatest time in the world. It’s so fulfilling. It’s not an easy game by any means (at least combat-wise, with enemies being pretty difficult), but that’s a part of the fun factor of the game that was mentioned earlier.

Breath of the Wild Versus Other 2017 Releases

To be quite frank, software-wise, this year has been very lackluster (from a AAA standpoint.) Nintendo has been the only company who has a consistent release schedule throughout the year after their launch of the Nintendo Switch (which is a huge success). There were some other games that came out this year already that could compete with Zelda. Horizon: Zero Dawn was a superb game with a fantastic narrative, but design-wise, Breath of the Wild was far superior. Super Mario Odyssey will probably compete and is the only game that can reasonably challenge BoTW for Game of the Year, but I don’t think it will top it. Persona 5 was a great JRPG. In fact, it was one of the best of all-time, but that’s too niche of a genre. Uncharted Lost Legacy may compete if only due to the Uncharted name. It got good reviews but it did not live up to the Uncharted name. Two sleeper games are Call of Duty: WWII and Star Wars: Battlefront 2, but there are too many question marks, especially given the quality of the last outings from both franchises.

Breath of the Wild is the best game to come out this year and according to many, the greatest Zelda game of all-time. It shattered the conventions of Zelda and was both fresh and familiar, something every great game strives for. It delivers a level of fulfillment that no other game has ever given me (and many others, if the reviews are to be believed.) While it is not my favorite Zelda game (a part of that may be due to nostalgia, for the sake of transparency), many do consider it to be.

The real question we should ask ourselves is why shouldn’t Breath of the Wild be 2017’s Game of the Year?

Breath of the Wild Will Be GOTY in 2017

2016 was a great year in gaming. This console generation is finally coming into its own after several years of waiting. The age of remasters is almost over. We are finally getting quality exclusives. Amidst all of this, we are also getting a new console: the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo by far has the best exclusives on their consoles. There’s simply no question about that. There were some quality exclusives in 2016 on both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Despite this though, the next year will be rough. Both companies are banking on new hardware instead of exclusive software. Nintendo has the best of both worlds. They are launching the Nintendo Switch, and they are most likely launching with Breath of the Wild. Breath of the Wild will be GOTY in 2017 because of the lack of high-quality titles on other consoles and because it’s the Zelda game everyone has been waiting for.

Playing Breath of the Wild at E3 2016, it is finally the Zelda game that breaks the conventions of the series. It goes back to the franchise’s roots. It is completely open world, and if you wanted to, you could face the final boss from the get-go. This harkens back to the original Legend of Zelda. This doesn’t mean it’s without its story though. I got the chance to play a demo that was the opening of the game. The story is…incredibly intriguing to say the least. I cannot wait to see more. Ocarina of Time is the greatest game of all time because it managed to balance story and gameplay so masterfully. Breath of the Wild has this same potential. It plays so smoothly as well and I didn’t even play the final product.

Everyone knows that Zelda will be masterful though. What is its competition though? Sony has Horizon Zero Dawn for the PlayStation 4, which oozes with potential. We loved what we saw at E3. We haven’t seen much of Mass Effect Andromeda, but the Mass Effect series is always fantastic and we’re very excited for the game. If Red Dead Redemption 2 keeps its late 2017 release date, this too could be a possibility. The original was of the highest quality. Kingdom Hearts 3 could contend, if it ever comes out. The Walking Dead: New Frontier and South Park Fractured But Whole could be sleepers. Other than that though, there aren’t really any other AAA games coming out, and Zelda dwarfs them in quality and brand name/recognition. This is more significant than you would think. It’s in part why Breath of the Wild will be GOTY in 2017.

As far as I can see, from what’s been announced so far, other than Mass Effect, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Red Dead Redemption 2, there’s nothing standing in the way of Breath of the Wild dominating 2017. Another major contributing factor is that it’s probably launching with the Switch. This is another reason why Breath of the Wild will be GOTY in 2017. It will sell systems. A lot of them. The Switch is poised to be a huge success for Nintendo. People are excited about the company again. It has the potential to breath life into this console generation, which has been so lackluster. Zelda will be a huge part of this.

Unless more AAA titles are announced and come out this year, Breath of the Wild will be GOTY in 2017. There’s simply not much standing in its way. In fact, it will probably dethrone Ocarina of Time as the greatest game of all time.

Nintendo Coming Out With a Real-Life Zelda Experience in ‘Defenders of the Triforce’

Who hasn’t wanted to explore dungeons and solve puzzles in real life while playing The Legend of Zelda? Nintendo announced this morning via a press release that they are giving fans that very opportunity, teaming up with SCRAP in order to build a real-life escape experience. Fans will be paired in groups of six in Defenders of the Triforce in order to solve a puzzle in a large area within a time limit. Participants in the experience will be able to interact with classic Zelda items and characters from The Legend of Zelda franchise, such as the Goron, Kokiri, and Zora tribes. Just like in the traditional Zelda experience, items are discoverable throughout the experience to solve puzzles and advance throughout different areas.

Doug Bowser, Nintendo of America’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, spoke about the new experience.

“At Nintendo, we’re always looking for ways to offer new experiences for all of our fans, and expose our characters and franchises to new audiences.

“Partnering with SCRAP allows us to offer a new perspective on this legendary series.”

Doc Preuss, a producer for SCRAP, said, “We wanted to make sure ‘Defenders of the Triforce’ felt as authentic as possible. Fans of The Legend of Zelda series will adore the tour and won’t want to miss it.”

The Defenders of the Triforce tour will hit eight cities around the United States starting in January. Tickets are available today by visiting After the experience is over, fans will be whisked away to a special area with unique photo opportunities and have access to a special promotional lounge, where they can purchase exclusive merchandise for the fabled series.

The schedule for the tour is as follows:

  • San Francisco – Jan. 31-Feb. 5
  • Los Angeles – Feb. 10-12
  • San Diego – Feb. 24-25
  • Seattle – TBA
  • Phoenix – TBA
  • Houston – TBA
  • Chicago – TBA
  • New York – TBA

This is incredibly exciting! As Zelda is one of the most popular, if not the most popular Nintendo franchise in the states, this is sure to be a huge success on Nintendo’s part and is a great marketing tool for the upcoming Breath of the Wild.

Zelda May Not Launch with the Switch

It has been reported that Zelda may not launch with the Switch. According to Eurogamer, localization for Breath of the Wild will not be completed until December. After that, the game will need approximately four-to-six months of testing before it is ready to be released. Since the game has been in development for so long, Nintendo wants the game to be as close to perfection as possible.

While Nintendo never said that Breath of the Wild would launch with the Nintendo Switch, it was a basic assumption due to the fact that the game had been in development for so long. It is also being released for the Wii U as well. If Zelda isn’t able to launch with Nintendo’s newest console, there are rumblings that the newest Mario game will launch with the Switch.

While this is a huge disappointment if true, gamers won’t have to wait that much longer for Breath of the Wild’s release. Right now none of this information is confirmed, so the game very well may release alongside the Switch at launch. The game is going to be absolutely massive in scale so regardless if we have to wait another month or two for its release, gamers will not be disappointed.

The Nintendo Switch Will Have The Best Launch Lineup Ever

The Legend of Zelda. Super Mario. Mario Kart. Skyrim Remastered. Splatoon. All of these games were shown today during Nintendo’s teaser video for their upcoming console, the Nintendo Switch. In fact, the Nintendo Switch’s reveal was delayed from September because Super Mario wasn’t running “perfectly.” There may be a question of how early these games are in development, but Nintendo wouldn’t show games that aren’t ready to be seen. This is a common trend with them over the years. The Nintendo Switch will have the best launch lineup in console history.


I expected Super Mario to be shown in the Nintendo Switch reveal trailer, but Mario Kart!? This was the largest surprise next to Skyrim, but we’ll get to that later. Mario Kart is one of Nintendo’s most consistent series’ in terms of quality. The fact that Nintendo decided to show it means that it will come out during the system’s launch window. Mario Kart 8 for the Wii U was one of the most successful games for the system, and for good reason. It’s non-stop fun and the most successful racing franchise of all time. There is no reason why Mario Kart for the Nintendo Switch will be any different.


The latest iteration of Super Mario was expected to be shown for the Nintendo Switch. What wasn’t expected was just how good it looks. Instead of Mario Galaxy 3, which many fans clamored for, Nintendo went for something that looks remeniscent of Super Mario 64. This is something fans have wanted for a very long time. 3D Mario is going back to its roots, and this is not a bad thing. In fact, it’s quite exciting. All signs point to Mario being a launch title, especially in light of recent rumors. There wouldn’t be Mario launch posters if the game weren’t a Switch launch title.


Nintendo fans have been waiting for a new Zelda game for five years. Finally, they are getting one. It’s co-launching on both the Wii U and the Nintendo Switch, but let’s be honest, most gamers will get it for the Switch. When the Wii launched, Twilight Princess was a system seller. Breath of Wild is in a similar position 10 years later. The thing is, Breath of the Wild is not alone this time. It’s going to be accompanied by a brand new Super Mario game and Mario Kart. That is one hell of a lineup. Yes, third-party support matters, but with that kind of launch lineup, everything will fall into place. If Mario Kart is a launch title, as we believe it is, the Nintendo Switch will have the best launch lineup for any console.


Skyrim was the biggest surprise in the Nintendo Switch reveal trailer. No one saw this coming. To have such a heavy hitter like Bethesda come out and support the Nintendo Switch is huge. Some may claim that this is just a tech demo, but there is no way Nintendo would feature it so prominently in their reveal trailer if it weren’t coming out for the system. Skyrim is one of the most beloved games of last generation and is receiving the remaster treatment this generation. This shows that the Nintendo Switch has the power to handle these types of third-party games, and there will be more to follow. If Bethesda is backing the Nintendo Switch like this, more heavy hitting publishers and developers will as well with actual content. Considering the Skyrim remaster is not that far off, in all likelihood it will launch with the Nintendo Switch.

Why will the Nintendo Switch will have the best launch lineup of any console to date? Everything indicates that it will launch with a new Zelda game, Mario game, Mario Kart game, Splatoon (a follow-up or port, we’re not sure yet), and even a heavy hitting third-party game like Skyrim. Nintendo is back and in style. Nintendo is still tight lipped on the Switch so there’s so much we don’t know. Despite that though, what we have seen is spectacular. The Nintendo Switch will have the best launch lineup of any console in history.