The Most Disappointing Games of 2016

2016 was filled with some wonderful games. Finally, exclusives made its way towards consoles published by Microsoft and Sony. E3 was a blast and showed off some amazing content. Despite this though, there were a number of games that were disappointing. We at VG Culture HQ are going to list the most disappointing games of 2016, in no particular order. While these games may not be bad per se, they never reached the heights that were promised. This is why we name them the the most disappointing games of 2016.

The Most Disappointing Games of 2016 — No Man’s Sky


No Man’s Sky was the second PlayStation-exclusive game to release this year after Uncharted 4. There was tremendous hype around the game. The final result? A complete disaster. There were a number of features promised by the developer that were not in the final game. The developer even received death threats, which was completely uncalled for. Even so though, the game never reached the heights promised. It was a PR nightmare and is easily the most disappointing game of the year.

The Most Disappointing Games of 2016 — The Division


I was really excited for The Division. In fact, when I was with another outlet, I wrote about how it would be a Destiny killer. Man, I was completely wrong! The game was a complete mess and the Dark Zone was not enjoyable at all. The gameplay was okay, but nothing spectacular. After Ubisoft invested so much money into the game, it was a severe disappointment, considering the end result. Most of my friends own a PlayStation 4 and I played the game on the Xbox One. Many missions were almost impossible to solo. The game was full of glitches on release and even with some patches, I completely wasted roughly $100 on the game and season pass. The MMO aspects don’t really work and Destiny is far superior.

The Most Disappointing Games of 2016 — The Last Guardian


The Last Guardian was one of the most anticipated Sony PlayStation 4 exclusives in years. It went through development hell and eventually landed on the PS4 after years of development, and the end result was a mixed bag. Simply put, it feels like a last generation game. Your companion, Trico, doesn’t always listen to directions which makes puzzle solving very difficult. The controls are awkward and there are some frame rate issues, even on the PlayStation Pro. After so many years of development you would think these issues would be fixed.

The Most Disappointing Games of 2016 — Final Fantasy XV


There were so many high hopes for Final Fantasy XV. The series has been on a downward slope ever since X and many hoped XV would help rectify the series. Well, it didn’t. Many weren’t a fan of Final Fantasy XIII. I was, although I recognized its flaws. XIII-2 rectified these and is the best Final Fantasy game in recent memory. The final installment in the trilogy was just okay, but it wrapped the series up nicely. Final Fantasy XV feels like a boy band expedition gone wrong. It has the illusion of an open world and the narrative is executed so poorly. The characters are uninteresting and considering how it started as Final Fantasy XIII versus and was in development for 10 years, there is no excuse. This is why it is one of the most disappointing games of 2016.

The Most Disappointing Games of 2016 — Uncharted 4


I will be lambasted for this. Many view Uncharted 4 as the holy grail of gaming. I respect Naughty Dog a great deal and have even talked to several developers at the studio. I went into the game with an open mind. I wanted to enjoy it. That being said, Uncharted 4 was a massive disappointment. It started out like a bad soap opera and while the narrative was not terrible by any means, the gameplay was incredibly rudimentary. I quickly tired of simply climbing rocks, finding cover and shooting enemies, and rinsing and repeating. It grew old quick and this is by far the most disappointing game of the year, regardless of what critics might say.

While many may disagree, these are our most disappointing games of 2016. It was by no means easy to put together this list, and some may lambast it, but as always we are brutally honest here and do not compromise. These games had so much promise but simply didn’t live up to them, which is they they are the most disappointing games of 2016.

5 Must-Have Games This Fall

Admittedly, this console generation has been somewhat lackluster. It’s taken a while to get off the ground and for special exclusives to be released. This fall and winter season sees a slew of fantastic games that are being released right in time for the holidays. Finally, this console generation is coming into its own and games are no longer being marketed for both last-gen and current-gen: it’s all about now and it’s all about exclusives (mostly.) These are 5 must have-games this fall encompassing almost every gaming system with mostly exclusives sprinkled with some multi-platform games.

5 Must-Have Games This Fall — 5. Mafia III


We had the chance to go hands-off with Mafia III this June at E3 and the experience did not disappoint. The game is not only an open-world sandbox game full of revenge, but a game where choice matters. This is not something that is common at all in the Gangster/GTA-style genre. Giving territories to lieutenants, who you trust, changes the game experience. The game also has a killer soundtrack and what better place for the game to take place in than an inspired New Orleans? Mafia III was one of the top games we saw at E3 and we are thrilled for its release in October.

5 Must-Have Games This Fall — 4. The Last Guardian


The Last Guardian is the highly anticipated follow-up to the classic Shadow of the Colossus, an action-adventure and puzzle game. You take on the main character who befriends a feathered animal named Trico and evade capture, explore, and solve puzzles together. The game was originally supposed to come out for the PlayStation 3, but it was plagued by development hell. When it was announced at E3 2015 the industry was shocked, but in a good way. Sony desperately needs an exclusive for their console, with Horizon Zero Dawn being delayed until February and No Man’s Sky having such a severe backlash from fans, as well as not delivering on promises. At this point, the nod as far as exclusives go has to go to Microsoft.

5 Must-Have Games This Fall — 3. Pokemon Sun and Moon


Nintendo’s only game(s) on this list (hey, Zelda was delayed!) Pokemon Sun and Moon very well may be the most revolutionary entries in the entire series. The Aloha region is rife with some incredibly exotic Pokemon, new gameplay mechanics, and some really cool alternate versions of the Pokemon we all know and love. Pikachu even has his very own Z-moves, brand new to the series. The real question is whether or not to get Pokemon Sun and Moon, but which one to get. I’m more of a Moon person, and as this may be Pokemon’s last hurrah on the Nintendo 3DS, it may be better than we could possibly imagine when it releases this November.

5 Must-Have Games This Fall — 2. Final Fantasy XV


Final Fantasy XV started out as Final Fantasy XIII Versus, but smartly, Square made it its own game entirely. Although the Final Fantasy XIII series is underrated, it is a far cry from the glory days of the franchise. Final Fantasy XV has the chance to change the franchise’s status as a disappointing RPG franchise and could revitalize the JRPG genre once again. The gameplay looks stellar, the story incredibly intriguing, and the characters seem endearing. It’s a shame that the game was delayed a few months, but it’s still coming out in November and is a must-have for console owners. Western RPGs may have taken over the market, but if Xenoblade Chronicles X showed us one thing, that doesn’t mean they are necessarily better.

5 Must-Have Games This Fall — 1. Gears of War 4


Gears of War is the face of Xbox. Halo has lost that title for a while. From all accounts, Gears of War 4 is the Gears game we have all been waiting for since Gears of War 3. Viewing a demo of the campaign at E3, I was enamored by the dynamics of the environments and how beautiful the game looked, not to mention how well it played. The framerate was steady. There were no issues. The story drew the audience in and while it seemed somewhat familiar comparative to the previous games, a great game developer once told me this: to make a successful game, you have to incorporate something familiar yet something new. The Gears team has done this perfectly and with Horde 3.0 mode, Gears 4 is poised to be the best game to come out this year not only because of its quality of content but shear amount of it.