Nintendo Dominates Media Create Sales

Nintendo dominated the Media Create sales for the week of November 20 through November 26 in Japan on both the hardware and software front. To be quite frank, it wasn’t even close. The Switch sold a total of 145,200 units. The closest competitor, the PlayStation 4, sold a measly 20,384 units. If you take into account the Nintendo 3DS family of systems, which includes the New 2DS LL, Nintendo actually finished second. They sold 20,283 Nintendo 2DS LLs and 11,511 New 3DS LLs, for a grand total of 31,794 units that fall under the umbrella of the Nintendo 3DS family of systems.

Nintendo Dominates Media Create Sales

The rest goes as expected. The PS4 pro sold a little over 6,000 units and the Xbox One X and Xbox One systems sold in the hundreds.

The software side was topped by Pókemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon and Super Mario Odyssey, selling 168,978 and 77,751 copies respectively. In fact, Super Mario Odyssey sold more than double the next game on the list, Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Future Tone DX, and Splatoon 2 finished fourth on the list, selling a little over 30,000 copies.

Nintendo Dominates Media Create Sales

In terms of lifetime sales, Pókemon, Super Mario Odyssey, Breath of the Wild, and Splatoon 2 are the top games on the list, with Splatoon 2 being the only one to surpass one million copies. All Nintendo Switch games.

While this may not seem significant to most, the PlayStation 4 has dominated the Japanese market for some time. The Nintendo Switch has outpaced the PlayStation 4’s first 26 weeks of sales, which could change the Japanese market and the Western video game markets as we know them.


2018 is the Year of the PlayStation

The PlayStation 4 recently had their Paris Games Week showcase. In it, they showed off a number of games that will release in 2018. If 2017 was Nintendo’s year, 2018 appears to be Sony’s. With exclusives coming to the PlayStation 4 such as Spider-ManThe Last of Us Part IIShadow of the ColossusGod of War, and much, much more, including expansion packs for games such as Destiny 2Call of Duty: WWII, and Horizon Zero Dawn. While Nintendo has their lineup of fantastic IPs, Sony is amassing their own list of amazing franchises, and while they may not be as iconic as Nintendo’s, they’re just as bit as good.

The Last of Us Part II

2018 is PlayStation's Year

The Last of Us Part II feels very much like The Godfather Part II. Its brutality and storytelling puts The Walking Dead to shame. The trailer for the title may have been a little off-putting with the amount of sheer violence and the fact that none of our beloved characters appear, but, the game promises to be one of 2018’s bright spots. A more mature and darker Ellie appears and while details for the game are scarce, it promises to be one of the best the year has to offer.


2018 is PlayStation's Year

Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man looks incredible. Finally, a Spider-Man game worth looking forward to! The action is top-notch and the latest trailer hints at a plot that will give the films a run for their money. This is the first time a Spider-Man game has actually excited fans, and it’s a PlayStation exclusive! With enemies such as the Kingpin, Green Goblin, and Mister Negative, there’s no doubt that Spider-Man for the PlayStation 4 will not disappoint.

God of War

2018 is PlayStation's Year

God of War was a series I thought was dead. The last I remember of it was watching youths (note: not appropriate) playing it during my volunteer days. Nonetheless, God of War is a storied Sony franchise and this installment is looking to be the best yet in the series. Giving Kratos a son will create a very interesting dynamic and I infer that we’ll be seeing a slightly different of iteration of Kratos than days past. God of War is one of the most iconic video game series’ of all time, and no doubt it will not disappoint on Sony’s flagship PlayStation 4 console.

Shadow of the Colossus

2018 is PlayStation's Year

Shadow of the Colossus is a remake of the PlayStation 2 classic by Team Ico. This is one of the most iconic games in all of gaming and to receive full-on remake is every Sony fanboys dream made reality. Following the protagonist Wander, players will traverse an unknown land in hopes of toppling massive colossi in hopes of resurrecting a young girl named Mono. Shadow of the Colossus is one of the best games of all time, and the fact that it is being remade for the PlayStation 4 adds to Sony’s already incredible lineup for 2018.

These are just four of exclusive games coming to the PlayStation 4 in 2018. A full(er) list can be found here, and it’s nothing to scoff at. This doesn’t even take into account the timed exclusives the console is getting, like with Destiny 2, Call of Duty: WII or Star Wars: Battlefront II.

2018 is PlayStation's Year

While 2017 was the year of Nintendo, 2018 will be the year of the Sony PlayStation. Mark my words. The Last of Us Part II alone could make the year. Nintendo will continue to have an excellent release schedule, but Sony is on fire, and has been on fire since the beginning of this year. If Microsoft doesn’t pick things up with the Xbox One with a new Gears of War or Halo, they could find themselves in the PC market rather than selling consoles.

Tetsuya Nomura Teases Final Fantasy VII Remake Announcement

Tetsuya Nomura of Kingdom Hearts fame, who is directing the Final Fantasy VII remake, has teased an announcement regarding the title in Famitsu. He told fans to wait for “important details” that would be announced sometime soon, allegedly this year. This is the 20th anniversary of Final Fantasy VII and the 30th anniversary of the series, but there’s no release date in sight. Kingdom Hearts 3 has finally been announced for 2018 and we did get a few good looks at the game this year.

It’s been quite a while since we’ve gotten anything regarding the Final Fantasy VII remake. It’s somewhat disheartening. Nomura is infamous though for working on projects forever without releasing them. He was the original director on Final Fantasy XV but was replaced by Hajime Tabata. After they changed directors, Final Fantasy XV finally began to come together.

Maybe the Final Fantasy VII remake needs a change in leadership. Working on both Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy VII is a lot of work, and Nomura has a track record of not following through on projects. Many thought Kingdom Hearts 3 would come out this year, yet it’s been pushed to next year, and that’s if the 2018 release date sticks. At least we’ve seen recent footage from that game though.

How much longer are Final Fantasy VII fans going to have to suffer for before they get some news?

The Switch is the Most Exciting Thing in Gaming

Forget VR. Forget upcoming PlayStation exclusives, the Playstation VR, and the PS Pro. Xbox has some great hardware coming out, but the Switch is the most exciting thing in gaming right now. The scary thing is that we don’t even know that much about the console, which will be revealed on January 12th in full.

VR is great technology, but right now it is merely a gimmick with regards to gaming. There are some amazing educational applications to it. They even use it to train astronaughts for space. The Switch is the most exciting thing in gaming right now though, even with the wonderful potential of VR. The real downfall of VR is, simply put, it disconnects you from those around you. You are in a completely new world. Yes, this is VERY cool. The thing is, social gaming with friends on a couch is a lot more enjoyable. VR cuts you off from the social aspect of gaming. Sure, playing games online is fun, but it is still so limiting. So many of people’s fondest memories are simply sitting at the couch playing Super Mario.

The PlayStation 4 has some interesting exclusives coming, especially Horizon Zero Dawn. There isn’t much else that is interesting there though. The PSVR is an affordable version of Virtual Reality, but it is not impressive. It uses last gen technology such as the PS camera and the Move controllers, and the tracking is poor. It’s cool that they are putting Resident Evil 7 in VR, but it’s also concerning as well. Scary games can be too overwhelming in VR. It may not work as well as gamers think.

The Switch is the most exciting thing in gaming not just because of the portability of the machine or the social aspects, but the game lineup. Mario will most likely be a launch lineup and looks incredible. Zelda: Breath of the Wild may have been pushed back a little bit (we don’t know for sure), but fans cannot wait for it. Splatoon is coming to the Switch. Some form of Mario Kart is coming to the system (whether or not it’s a port of 8 or a new title isn’t apparent.)

The launch lineup will be killer and may be the best launch lineup in the history of gaming. It brings gaming back to what it is supposed to be, and that is fun. Getting together with four friends on a living room couch and playing the Switch together? That possibility simply shows how the Switch is the most exciting thing in gaming.

VR is amazing technology. Sony and Microsoft are doing their own things which are exciting in their own right. Nintendo though is doing something wildly different. It is so exciting. The possibilities are endless, and with their killer lineup of games coming up and the social aspect of the system, it is radically different than any other system we’ve seen to date. Nintendo is finally moving away from the Wii brand, which is a good thing, despite how great the systems are.

Nintendo is back. And I cannot wait to see how the Switch changes gaming forever.


PlayStation 4 Pro Pre-Orders Going Strong

Sony is pleasantly surprised, with PlayStation 4 Pro pre-orders going strong despite an initial mixed reaction to the new system. With the Microsoft Scorpio coming out next year, one would think that the PlayStation 4 Pro, which releases this year, would see stellar, but not spectacular sales. This is not the case. It is dominating Amazon and pre-orders are strong in both North America and Europe. Sony Europe chief Jim Ryan is actually surprised by the strong PlayStation 4 Pro pre-orders.

“I’ve been told, just before we had this conversation, that pre-orders in the UK are looking pretty good.

“I can’t give you the numbers yet, but I’m pleasantly surprised.”

According to Sony there will be plenty of stock for the holiday season. While the system won’t be as powerful as the Scorpio, Sony is pinning high hopes for the system and is forecasting their largest PlayStation 4 fiscal year yet. While the PS4 Pro isn’t next-gen, the system specs are impressive and will please tech-savy fans.

PlayStation Plus Membership Price Increases

Sony has confirmed on their PlayStation blog that starting on September 22, the PlayStation Plus membership price increases from $49.99 to $59.99. This increase in price matches that of the cost for an Xbox Live membership. The rising cost is only confirmed for America and Canada at this time, and it is unknown if PlayStation Plus membership price increases will be seen worldwide.

To justify the price jump, Sony had this to say:

“PlayStation Plus strives to enrich your PlayStation experience through a world-class service built for our fans. This marks the first time that PS Plus membership prices will increase in the U.S. and Canada since the launch of the service in 2010. The new pricing reflects the current market conditions while enabling us to continue providing exceptional value to our members.”

The fact of the matter is that the PlayStation Network sill pales in comparison to Microsoft’s Xbox Live service and offers less incentives to justify the extravagant cost. Gamers are not just seeing a jump in yearly membership rates, but also the three-month plan, which will rise from $17.99 to $24.99. While the US monthly rate will remain at $9.99, Canadians will see a spike to $11.99 CAD.

It is unknown how this will affect membership renewals going forward, but Sony doesn’t offer as much value as Microsoft with their free monthly games (PlayStation Plus required) and Sony online play has never quite lived up to Microsoft’s.

If there’s any time to buy a stack of yearly PlayStation Plus membership cards, it’s now before the price increase goes into effect.

Fans Demand No Man’s Sky Refund

A number of fans who purchased No Man’s Sky from the PlayStation store are demanding a refund from Sony, according to reports. The space epic from Hello Games is causing issues from persisting game crashes, motion sickness, and even feelings that the game failed to deliver on promises made by advertising and statements from the developers themselves.

While one man was told he was eligible for a No Man’s Sky refund, as the digital version crashed on him three separate times in an hour and a half, he was told if he was refunded, he would never be able to play the title again, not even the physical version. He ultimately didn’t go through with the refund due to this fact. This is quite a shady business practice, as the underlying technical issues could have to do with the digital version itself and the physical version may rectify it. Fans experiencing these issues deserve a No Man’s Sky refund and should be able to re-purchase the game once the issues are fixed.

“I would happily re-buy the game at a later date if it improved, if the features promised were put in, if the crashing was fixed, because these things do get fixed over time.

“But I didn’t really want to get my money back and then never be able to play it again. It just seems counter-productive.

“It’s like they put a gun to my head.”

Another man felt like he was misled by the game’s advertising and promised features that were ultimately missing from the game. He too experienced game crashes, and he too was told he was eligible for a No Man’s Sky refund, but he too was told he would never be able to play the game again if he went through with it.

“I really do like the game, but I feel as though I paid £50 for a game that isn’t finished.

“But I don’t want to give up the right to ever play No Man’s Sky again. That seems really extreme to me.”

Ironically, Sony’s refund policy does allow users to re-purchase games at a later date if they are refunded, according to a statement provided to Eurogamer by the company.

“Players are entitled to receive refunds in line with the published refund policy on

“In instances where players receive a refund, they will of course be able to re-purchase the game at later date and play.”

No Man’s Sky was bound to be a disappointment to some gamers, given the sheer amount of hype surrounding the game; this is usually the case with all highly anticipated titles. Some feel the game is guilty of false advertising, which is a serious problem.  This will cause gamers to be even more weary of purchases in the future, fearing the same outcome of No Man’s Sky. Regardless, this situation needs to be rectified and Hello Games needs to be held accountable.