PlayStation 4 Pro Pre-Orders Going Strong

Sony is pleasantly surprised, with PlayStation 4 Pro pre-orders going strong despite an initial mixed reaction to the new system. With the Microsoft Scorpio coming out next year, one would think that the PlayStation 4 Pro, which releases this year, would see stellar, but not spectacular sales. This is not the case. It is dominating Amazon and pre-orders are strong in both North America and Europe. Sony Europe chief Jim Ryan is actually surprised by the strong PlayStation 4 Pro pre-orders.

“I’ve been told, just before we had this conversation, that pre-orders in the UK are looking pretty good.

“I can’t give you the numbers yet, but I’m pleasantly surprised.”

According to Sony there will be plenty of stock for the holiday season. While the system won’t be as powerful as the Scorpio, Sony is pinning high hopes for the system and is forecasting their largest PlayStation 4 fiscal year yet. While the PS4 Pro isn’t next-gen, the system specs are impressive and will please tech-savy fans.


GameStop Claims That Xbox 1.5, PS4K, or Nintendo NX Launch is on the Horizon

After AMD supposed that there will be a launch of a new console in the latter half of this year, GameStop has joined the fray and is claiming that a launch is “imminent.” At the company’s investor meeting earlier this week, GameStop COO Tony Bartel had some strong words about the situation.

Although we have not modeled extensive growth for new innovation in this presentation, we are very pleased to see the introduction of technology like virtual reality and rumoured new console launches, some of which seem imminent.”

GameStop refused to comment on exactly what console they were possibly referring to, or how many, but there are only so many choices. This does not spell “success” when looking at the current console generation, which some believe to be stagnant and more of the same as last generation, mired with a multitude of so many remakes and remasters. Only time will tell until E3 arrives, but all the rumors point to the NX being revealed and possibly being released this year.