Bioshock The Collection Review

Bioshock was the critically acclaimed first-person shooter which was released in August of 2007 and spawned two sequels. Nine years later we are writing a Bioshock the Collection review, which includes all the DLC from the franchise as well as all three games in one remastered package. While this console generation has been oversaturated with remasters, Bioshock The Collection is a nice surprise, as these games are some of the best of last generation. Do they still hold up though compared to today’s shooters? Nine years have passed and games have evolved dramatically, but if there’s anything to be said about that it shows that Bioshock is even more unique than before. The gameplay, story, the incredible music; everything makes Bioshock The Collection worth playing, especially if you haven’t experienced the trilogy before.

The Bioshock Collection Review — A Masterpiece


It has to be said. The Bioshock series is a video game masterpiece. The first title is dark and dreary, taking place in an underwater city called ‘Rapture.’ The gameplay is superb and sets itself apart from traditional first-person shooters. Ammo is scarce and there are RPG elements in the game. There are also powers that the main character can use, named Jack, called Plasmid use, although this is limited unless more serum is found by the player. The real question posed here though is that, after nine years, does the game still stand up to today’s standards? I would say yes. It still differentiates itself from current shooters, but does it hold up gameplay-wise comparably? This was a challenge to assess while writing our Bioshock The Collection review.

Bioshock The Collection Review — How it Looks


Bioshock has never looked better in high definition splendor. We were utterly impressed while preparing for our Bioshock The Collection review. The atmospheres are stunning in each game, especially the underwater nature of the first title. The particle effects are top-notch, including the ones from the plasmid attacks which vary in accordance to the elements. The buildings and locations are bursting with color and it is a serious step up from the original three games. All in all, 2K did an amazing job remastering Bioshock, a game just about everyone wanted to see remastered and play again.

Bioshock The Collection Review — Gameplay


Bioshock is an FPS with RPG elements. You can level up plasmids, weapons, and even bullets. The system is very intricate, including a number of different abilities you can gain throughout your adventure. The question is, does it stand up to today’s FPS/RPG shooters? The answer is yes and no. You can aim down the sights, but you have to press the L3 button in order to do so, which is very counterintuitive. In fact, I prefer to just shoot from the hip without using the sights; it makes it feel more old school and it differentiates it from other shooters, as the accuracy is still there. Plasmids are very unique and set Bioshock apart from any other FPS on the market. They are so much fun to use and are necessary, as ammo is very scarce and enemies swarm at you. So yes, in a way, Bioshock is a little outdated in its shooting mechanics (at least 1), but that’s OK. With the plasmids, upgrades, and the unique environments found throughout the games and unique concepts, our Bioshock The Collection review doesn’t take that away from the title. The gameplay simply works, masterfully, and the stories are full of twists and turns which we will not spoil here for those (like myself before this sans Infinite) who haven’t played them.

Bioshock The Collection Review — A Remaster Done Right


Bioshock The Collection is a remaster done right. With all the DLC from all three games, which adds on hours of gameplay to the Bioshock experience, a director’s commentary, and the series remastered in 1080p, there’s nothing more to ask in terms of quality. Sure, parts of the series are a little outdated because of the fact that the first game is nine-years-old, but, it more than makes up for it with stellar gameplay and a series of narratives with twists and turns that you would never see coming. Bioshock The Collection is an incredible value for its cost and it is one of the most incredibly unique experiences in all of gaming. While we didn’t mention much of the story in our Bioshock The Collection review, there are simply too many plot twists that would get into philosophical discussions and ruin it for you, the reader. So play the games for yourselves and enjoy because it is well worth it.


South Park The Fractured But Whole Has Been Delayed Until 2017

South Park The Fractured But Whole has been delayed until 2017. The follow-up to The Stick of Truth, Fractured But Whole was one of the most anticipating titles of this holiday season with a release date of December 6, 2016. This has been moved to the first quarter of 2017. While disappointing, the delay is presumably only a few months and if done right, it will be well worth the wait.


While The Stick of Truth was based on a series of episodes that were a Game of Thrones parody, Fractured But Whole features our favorite children from South Park playing superheroes, which should be a most entertaining and is based on a series of episodes where ‘The Coon’ and ‘Mysterion’, Kenny and Cartman respectively, battle it out to become the town of South Park’s prime vigilante. While it is a shame South Park The Fractured But Whole has been delayed, hopefully this gives them the chance to polish the game and make it the best it can be.

Fans Demand No Man’s Sky Refund

A number of fans who purchased No Man’s Sky from the PlayStation store are demanding a refund from Sony, according to reports. The space epic from Hello Games is causing issues from persisting game crashes, motion sickness, and even feelings that the game failed to deliver on promises made by advertising and statements from the developers themselves.

While one man was told he was eligible for a No Man’s Sky refund, as the digital version crashed on him three separate times in an hour and a half, he was told if he was refunded, he would never be able to play the title again, not even the physical version. He ultimately didn’t go through with the refund due to this fact. This is quite a shady business practice, as the underlying technical issues could have to do with the digital version itself and the physical version may rectify it. Fans experiencing these issues deserve a No Man’s Sky refund and should be able to re-purchase the game once the issues are fixed.

“I would happily re-buy the game at a later date if it improved, if the features promised were put in, if the crashing was fixed, because these things do get fixed over time.

“But I didn’t really want to get my money back and then never be able to play it again. It just seems counter-productive.

“It’s like they put a gun to my head.”

Another man felt like he was misled by the game’s advertising and promised features that were ultimately missing from the game. He too experienced game crashes, and he too was told he was eligible for a No Man’s Sky refund, but he too was told he would never be able to play the game again if he went through with it.

“I really do like the game, but I feel as though I paid £50 for a game that isn’t finished.

“But I don’t want to give up the right to ever play No Man’s Sky again. That seems really extreme to me.”

Ironically, Sony’s refund policy does allow users to re-purchase games at a later date if they are refunded, according to a statement provided to Eurogamer by the company.

“Players are entitled to receive refunds in line with the published refund policy on

“In instances where players receive a refund, they will of course be able to re-purchase the game at later date and play.”

No Man’s Sky was bound to be a disappointment to some gamers, given the sheer amount of hype surrounding the game; this is usually the case with all highly anticipated titles. Some feel the game is guilty of false advertising, which is a serious problem.  This will cause gamers to be even more weary of purchases in the future, fearing the same outcome of No Man’s Sky. Regardless, this situation needs to be rectified and Hello Games needs to be held accountable.

Attack on Titan Video Game Goes Beyond Season One

Koei Tecmo America has released a trailer for the upcoming Attack on Titan, and it seems the game based on the fabled series may delve into spoiler territory. The Attack on Titan video game goes beyond season one of the anime as revealed in the launch trailer and may spoil some things for fans eagerly waiting for season two, which premieres in 2017.

While manga fans who are up-to-date on the current happenings of the series, this may upset casual fans going into the game who do not wish to be spoiled about the events yet to come. Although we don’t know how far the Attack on Titan video game goes beyond season one, this could be a serious issue for fans. The gameplay showcased in the trailer looks splendid though, and as long as it’s not clunky control-wise, Koei Tecmo may have a semi-hit on their hands.

If you pre-order the game from Amazon, Best Buy, EB Canada, or GameStop, you will be able to access cleaning weapons and Eren and Levi, including a festival costume for Mikasa. Those who pre-order digitally from the PSN or the Xbox Store will receive Attack on Titan avatars.

Staying true to its origins, the game will have the original Japanese voice acting along with English subtitles. This is very cost efficient and is much cheaper than hiring brand new voice actors.

The game will be released by Koei Tecmo on August 30 on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation Vita, and PC, while in Europe it will be released on August 26 under the name A.O.T: Wings of Freedom. It was developed by Koei Tecmo’s subsidiary Omega Force. Regardless of its name, we are very excited about the Attack on Titan video game and hope it lives up to the anime’s legacy.

Rocket League Has Hit 20 Million Players

Rocket League has hit 20 million players according to the official Rocket League Twitter account. Rocket League became an overnight sensation when it first launched on the PlayStation 4 in July of 2015, later releasing on the Xbox One earlier this year in February. The fact that Rocket League has hit 20 million players is a monumental achievement, especially since it’s a digital game.

Rocket League consists of players controlling rocket-powered cars in order to push a ball into their opponents goal. It is not unlike soccer, except with cars. Gamers have been captivated with the title, as the numbers suggest, and why not? Soccer is one of the most popular games in the world and cars with rockets are just cool. The install base of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is roughly 64 million consoles. While the game was released on Microsoft Windows as well, most of these players are probably console gamers. This means that close to one in three people who own an Xbox One or PlayStation 4 have played Rocket League. That is beyond impressive.

It will be interesting to see what Rocket League does moving forward. There are currently 3 DLC packs available for the game, which mostly add cosmetics to the game. It will be very interesting to see the future of Rocket League going forward after this incredible milestone.

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Trailer Released

A brand new Resident Evil 7 Biohazard trailer has been released and features “latern gameplay”, according to the title of the trailer. The playable character is traversing from room to room in the trailer, desperate to survive and hiding from a man with a lantern. The game was first announced during E3 2016. This is the first time Resident Evil has been legitimately scary in years. It gives off a very creepy vibe and the first-person perspective is perfect for the survival horror genre, limiting your perspective, giving you a “fear” factor, immersing you in the experience.

This Resident Evil 7 Biohazard trailer impresses us a great deal and brings back the classic “Resident Evil” feel. Unfortunately we were unable to play the game at E3 2016, but the title looks very promising. Fans have been begging Capcom to bring the series back to its survival horror roots after its departure from this in Resident Evil 5, and this trailer proves that they have been listening, especially after the lackluster Resident Evil 6. It’s time for Resident Evil to be give you chills down your spine again, and if the latest Resident Evil 7 Biohazard trailer is any indication, Capcom will not disappoint on this front.

Resident Evil 7 releases on January 24, 2017 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Windows and is sure to be an experience to remember.

Mafia III Gamescom Trailer Unveiled

2K Games and Take-Two Interactive unveiled the Mafia III Gamescom trailer this week at the event. We actually had the chance to view a hands-off demo of Mafia III at E3 2016 and were very impressed with 2K’s booth, which was one of the highlights of the show. The game takes place in New Bordeaux, Louisiana, which is a fictional version of New Orleans. The trailer focuses on a bank heist and while it isn’t necessarily clear which character are which, as I personally never played Mafia II and the first game was so long ago, the game is action packed and the heist is fast paced.

The Mafia III Gamescom trailer makes us even more excited for the title. It is an open-world action adventure game where choice matters and have dire consequences, which is exciting. Choices shape the gameplay experience and each player’s playthrough can be drastically different. Besides that, the action is impressive with some very cool gameplay mechanics. The title releases on October 7, which seems like an eternity away. While we have to wait a few months, time will fly by as it always does (unless you’re Cartman from South Park waiting for a Wii) and you can find our review of the game right here at Video Game Culture HQ, so stay tuned.