Kojima Takes the Statge About Death Stranding Details

Hideo Kojima took the stage outlining Death Stranding details, his upcoming new game post-Konami. With Norman Reedus as the face of the game, Kojima spoke about the release date of the game to a crowd, stating that it would come out “before” the Tokyo Olympics and before a key film called Akira, pointing to a 2018 release date. Kojima has stated that the game will be an online multiplayer game, but, the game can also be played by yourself. When pushed about online play, Kojima responded “It will be a different kind of online play than anything we’ve seen before.”


There will also be a female protagonist in Death Stranding, which is interesting considering Norman Reeds seems to be the poster child for the project. Casting is still going underway for a female lead. Kojima also said that “This game will show a different side of Norman Reedus than fans of The Walking Dead might expect.”

While these Death Stranding details are very interesting, the wait is almost unbearable as the game isn’t going to release for at least a year, not to mention possible delays, which happen to most major blockbuster titles nowadays. Hide Kojima is a legend in the industry and if anyone can do it, he can.



Konami States that the Metal Gear Series can Continue Without Kojima

In an interview with Game On Daily, Konami community manager Graham Day was asked the proverbial question of whether or not Metal Gear Solid could continue without Hideo Kojima. His answer?

 “Yeah, course it can. Metal Gear is about the story, it’s about the characters and I think, yeah…”

In speaking about collaborations with other studios, such as PlatinumGames with Metal Gear Rising, Day cited the fact that the game was taken in a completely new direction yet it was an incredibly good game, despite being lead by another team.

Day also addressed the fact that Konami is ceasing production of AAA games. “Don’t believe everything you read in the press. That’s never changed. Things have been taken out of context but that’s never changed.”

Perhaps a new Metal Gear Solid is on the horizon after all, without Hideo Kojima?

Source: IGN