Nintendo Switch 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Nintendo 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

The Nintendo Switch had the best Black Friday out of all the other video game consoles. Putting that aside for a moment, a number of children, families, and even adults are waiting until Christmas in order to purchase the console/handheld hybrid. Better yet, some may just receive it from Santa himself. Here in our Nintendo 2017 Holiday Guide, we put together the must-have games, accessories, and systems that Nintendo has put out over the past year.


This year Nintendo launched the New Nintendo 2DS XL. While it is unable to do 3D like its counterpart, it is perfect for youngsters with still-developing eyes. There are so many games available on the Nintendo 3DS family of systems, including most of the Zelda saga, as well as lighter, more family-friendly games. Anyhow for anyone without a Nintendo 2DS or 3DS, this is a must-buy, especially given the massive game library for the system. The system does cost $149.99, although there is always the original Nintendo 2DS if that is too steep for you at $79.99, although the former is much more likely to last longer. This particular item linked to actually comes packed in with a game, the magnificent Mario Kart 7, which is for all ages.

Nintendo 2017 Holiday Guide

The Nintendo Switch is Nintendo’s crowning achievement. It has been the culmination of years of work and finally, it’s paying off. The system was the best-selling console on Black Friday and has an incredibly impressive lineup of games to go along with it. If you’re looking for a new gaming console, have a family, or want to play Zelda and other fun games, the Switch is for you. By Christmas, the Switch will have a total of seven first-party titles published and developed directly by Nintendo, including two of the greatest games of all-time, Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey. This doesn’t take into account third-party games that got Nintendo’s permission to use their intellectual property.

Nintendo 2017 Gift Guide

They have received and are receiving ports from Bethesda, one of the largest publishers in the world, as well as Rockstar Games. It is a system that brings people together and has a social component to it like no other console on the market. While families and children will love it, it’s not just a system for children; it’s a console for all ages, as Nintendo has shown with their third-party support.

Nintendo 2017 Holiday Guide

As a 90s child, I can only reminisce about the Super Nintendo. I got it when it came out when I was five for Christmas and some of my fondest memories were playing together, with my family. In fact, it was my playing A Link to the Past with my dad which eventually drove my passion for the Zelda series. The system includes 20 of the SNES’s best games, such as A Link to the Past.

The Super Nintendo Classic is the perfect system to introduce younger gamers to the games of their parents’ generations, as well as a way for older families to rekindle their love for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and spend quality time together, as my family will be doing this Christmas.

It will be very difficult to find though, so if you are intent on picking one up, you have to be diligent. For $79.99 though, quite honestly its a steal considering what you get in the box. If you call ahead to GameStop or use their website, they are usually pretty good at telling you when they will be expecting shipments. I literally walked in, they opened a box, and I bought one as my Mom’s (as much as I want it) Christmas gift. It’s a fantastic gift for all ages.

Nintendo Switch Games

There are so many fantastic games that have been released this year for both the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo 3DS family of systems. There are games for everyone, whether they be casual, children, families, or even adults. In fact, many of the games for the Nintendo Switch don’t simply apply to just one of those categories. Here are some must-have holiday titles for the Nintendo Switch.

1-2 Switch$49.99 (before discount)

Nintendo 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

1-2 Switch is an excellent, casual party game that is friendly to gamers and newcomers alike. This is a game that you could bring home and play with your mom and she’d understand it. She’d most likely have a great time with it. This is a must for families to pick up, even if the price is a little steep; it’s just too much fun to put down.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim — $59.99

When the Nintendo Switch was unveiled, one of the most exciting prospects was being able to play Skyrim on-the-go. Bethesda followed through on their promise with a game that had surprisingly few bugs. It is the must-have third-party game for the Nintendo Switch this holiday season for those who have never experienced the original.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle — $59.99

Nintendo 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Ubisoft’s Mario/Rabbids mashup is nothing but pure fun. Not only that, it’s multiplayer, so you can enjoy it with a friend (isn’t that what the Switch is all about!?) Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is the most underrated title on the Nintendo Switch. It is a turned-based tactical game, but it never gets boring. This is one of the crossovers for the ages.

ARMS — $59.99

Nintendo 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

ARMS is the wackiest brand-new IP to come from Nintendo since 2015 when the first Splatoon came out. The art style is eerily similar to Overwatch, which can be nothing but a compliment. There are also several new fighters joining the fray soon, for free! This fighting game is crazy and can either be played with motion controls with the JoyCons or a standard controller. If you don’t own a Switch Pro Controller or only have one pair of JoyCons, you will only be able to play single player. The cheaper option is to go for a Pro Controller and one player uses the JoyCons, but if not, be prepared to spend an extra $20 on brand new JoyCons.

Splatoon 2 — $59.99

Nintendo 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

No one in their right mind thought that the Nintendo Switch would come out with a sequel to Splatoon so close to the system’s launch (it released in July). It came out, and gamers have been in love with it ever since. Despite the lack of split-screen multiplayer, it’s still one of the best shooters to grace any console in recent memory. It’s even receiving a hefty amount of brand new DLC — for free — heading into the new year. Splatoon 2 is smash hit in Japan, and the rest of the world will follow suit.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe — $59.99

Nintendo 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

While Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is a port of the Wii U version of the game along with all of the game’s downloadable content (please do this Smash!), it is the best multiplayer experience that the Nintendo Switch has to offer. With plenty of tracks dating back the SNES days, along with plenty of new ones to enjoy, this competitive racing game is fun to the core. It can be both fun and competitive and that’s one of the game’s charms. You can also play it with the JoyCons alone, making multiplayer much easier.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 — $59.99

Nintendo Switch 2017 Holiday Guide

Continuing Tetsuya Takahashi’s Xeno series, this goes back to the original Xenoblade Chronicles‘ roots as a plot-driven game. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t much to explore though. Any RPG fan who enjoys real-time combat with compelling stories and characters need to check Xenoblade Chronicles 2 out.

Super Mario Odyssey — $59.99

Nintendo 2017 Holiday Guide

Super Mario Odyssey is already vying for several Game of the Year awards and is regarded as the best Mario game since Mario 64. That’s quite a legacy to live up to! The game is a fun-filled adventure with superb gameplay that never takes itself too seriously. If you buy any game for yourself or a significant other this holiday season, buy either this game or our next choice. It also has a two-player mode, so you can enjoy it with your family and friends!

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Switch) — $59.99

Nintendo 2017 Holiday Guide

A launch title for the Nintendo Switch, Breath of the Wild set the standard for Nintendo’s hit console. There is plenty of exploration, puzzles to solve, mysteries to uncover, and secrets to unbury. While the story is on the light side, the new DLC pack may rectify this one flaw of the game. Everything else is perfection. The game rivals Ocarina of Time as the best video game of all time.

Other games to consider: Fire Emblem Warriors, L.A. Noire, Doom, and Sonic Mania. 

3DS Games

Pókemon Ultra Sun/Moon — $39.99

Nintendo 2017 Holiday Guide

These are the last two installments in the Nintendo 3DS family of games. Time sure flies, huh? They are selling stellarly in Japan and there’s no reason they won’t be hits here as well, considering how good Pókemon Sun/Moon were.

Fire Emblem Echos: Shadows of Valentia

— $39.99

Nintendo 2017 Gift Guide

Fire Emblem Echos came out earlier this year and while there seemed to be a lot of hype around the game, it seemed to have fizzled out. It got stellar reviews and was a fantastic game though. It’s a must-have for any Fire Emblem fan or those who love tactical RPGs.

Metroid: Samus Returns — $39.99

Nintendo 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Metroid: Samus Returns is a remake of one of Samus’ previous adventures, Metroid II. It’s a side-scrolling action-adventure game that is filled with thrills and will definitely appeal to the old-school gamer. It was the highest reviewed game of the year on the Nintendo 3DS and promises not to disappoint.


Many accessories for the 3DS system of families are not really needed at this point, but there are plenty of accessories that are perfect for the Nintendo Switch!

JoyCons — $79.99

Nintendo 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

While JoyCons aren’t currently in stock at Amazon, there are plenty of places you can pick them up and if you order the Neon JoyCons today, you save $12, even though they, again, out of stock. They also come in many different colors, so be sure to check them all out!

Charging Grip — $29.99

Nintendo 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

The Charging Grip should have come out of the box with the Switch, but alas, it didn’t and here we are. This grip will allow you to plug in your grip if your JoyCons die on you while playing, which happens more often than you would think. It’s the perfect gift for someone who plays a lot of Zelda without a Pro Controller.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller — $69.99

Nintendo 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is a necessity, especially if you are playing games like ZeldaSkyrimMario Kart, DOOM, even Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It works great with larger hands and is the ultimate controller for Switch gamers, especially those who play more hardcore games. With at least 40 hours of play, this Pro Controller will never fail you and even rivals the Xbox One controller.


Nintendo 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

What Nintendo holiday gift guide could end without talking about amiibo? Nintendo has released five Breath of the Wild amiibo prior to this past November upon the game’s initial release. In early November, they released the Champion amiibo, which are a must-have for anyone who plays Breath of the Wild. Their drops are both useful and valuable, and besides that, the level of detail on them is astonishing. Any Zelda fan would love just one, and they have been much easier to find than amiibo in years past.

We also recommend this screen protector for your Switch tablet.  It’s only $8.99 and a fantastic deal on Amazon.

For those who do not have a carrying case, this NES-style case will do just the trick nicely. It costs $22.99 on Amazon.

Of course, there’s so much more we could put in here, but simply put, these are the essentials every Switch fan needs.

Happy Holidays and we’ll be back for our next installment in the series and move on to Sony!


Nintendo Dominates Media Create Sales

Nintendo dominated the Media Create sales for the week of November 20 through November 26 in Japan on both the hardware and software front. To be quite frank, it wasn’t even close. The Switch sold a total of 145,200 units. The closest competitor, the PlayStation 4, sold a measly 20,384 units. If you take into account the Nintendo 3DS family of systems, which includes the New 2DS LL, Nintendo actually finished second. They sold 20,283 Nintendo 2DS LLs and 11,511 New 3DS LLs, for a grand total of 31,794 units that fall under the umbrella of the Nintendo 3DS family of systems.

Nintendo Dominates Media Create Sales

The rest goes as expected. The PS4 pro sold a little over 6,000 units and the Xbox One X and Xbox One systems sold in the hundreds.

The software side was topped by Pókemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon and Super Mario Odyssey, selling 168,978 and 77,751 copies respectively. In fact, Super Mario Odyssey sold more than double the next game on the list, Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Future Tone DX, and Splatoon 2 finished fourth on the list, selling a little over 30,000 copies.

Nintendo Dominates Media Create Sales

In terms of lifetime sales, Pókemon, Super Mario Odyssey, Breath of the Wild, and Splatoon 2 are the top games on the list, with Splatoon 2 being the only one to surpass one million copies. All Nintendo Switch games.

While this may not seem significant to most, the PlayStation 4 has dominated the Japanese market for some time. The Nintendo Switch has outpaced the PlayStation 4’s first 26 weeks of sales, which could change the Japanese market and the Western video game markets as we know them.

Breath of the Wild Champion amiibo

The Breath of the Wild Champion amiibo came out this past weekend, and they are more than just a mere visual spectacle. I was lucky to be able to pick up all four at Target; Urbosa, Daruk, and Mipha on Saturday, and Revali today. I quickly started testing them out, seeing what I would get from the chests (or simply dropped from the sky), and I was surprised by what I found. The only thing missing from the set was a Champion Zelda, in the style from the DLC trailers. I hope we get one, as she looks so regal like a Champion Princess should.

We already know from the Nintendo Direct that each Champion amiibo gives the player a helm associated with each Champion. Daruk gives you the Vah Rudania Divine Helm, which provides Flame Guard. Mipha’s amiibo provides you the Vah Ruta Divine Helm, which, like the Zora Tunic and greeves, give you Swim Speed Up. Urbosa gives you the Vah Naboris Divine Helm, which is incredibly similar to the Thunder Helm except Urbosa’s helm just has Electricity Resistance. Finally, the Revali amiibo gives Link the Vah Medoh Divine Helm, which gives you cold resistance. The helms also grant an additional bonus, Ancient Proficiency. When used in conjunction with the Ancient Cuirass and Ancient Greaves which are upgraded at least twice, attack power of ancient guardian weapons is increased, with some additional bonus from the helms. I personally don’t care about the helms that much, but they seem pretty cool to have and they have nice perks.

This was already revealed though, but it’s still pretty interesting and they’re easy to get — I got two on my first attempt with Urbosa (along with diamonds, rubies, and some flint I believe) and with Daruk.

The best part of the Champion amiibo are the order of the drops. Everything is based on being able to rebuild their weapons. The game isn’t so kind to just give them to you, but it gives you exactly what you need to rebuild them, as soon as you need them. I didn’t have Mipha’s Lightscale Trident. What was the first item I got from her? The spear that is required to use to rebuild the Lightscale Trident. My favorite Champion weapon in the game comes from my leave favorite champion — Revali. His Great Eagle Bow is by far the best in the game. The one I have is almost broken, so I did a little experiment. I dropped the bow and then used then scanned his amiibo.

What exactly happened? I received the Falcon bow so I could get the Great Eagle Bow again, right away, as soon as I lost his bow! And, most importantly, the very first drop I got was full of rubies, sapphires, diamonds, and flint when I used the Champion amiibo. These are required to rebuild some of these weapons, especially Urbosa’s, whose shield is outright amazing. Finding the Gerudo Schitmar in order to rebuild the Schitmar of the Seven is no easy task. There’s one that’s simple to find, but they are not common. In fact, finding most, if not all of the base weapons for the Champions’ weapons is pretty difficult.

Breath of the Wild Champion amiibo

This makes the Champion amiibo, by far, not only the best, but the most valuable amiibo that can be used in Breath of the Wild. The items they give you aren’t random — in fact, it’s all very calculated to help the player, something the game doesn’t do very often.

I haven’t even been able to talk about the beautiful design of the amiibo either. The Breath of the Wild, and Zelda amiibo in general, are the most well crafted and detailed amiibo Nintendo has ever released. The Champion amiibo actually sets a whole new standard for not only the Breath of the Wild set, but a new standard for all amiibo. I can’t even pick out one that I can say is my definitive favorite, although I will say Urbosa and Daruk are probably the best and Mipha is the weak link in the set, but that doesn’t mean much; they’re all fantastic.

If you buy any amiibo for Breath of the Wild, buy the Champion amiibo. Not only are they beautiful, but they have the best functionality of any amiibo in any game. Hopefully with the upcoming DLC focusing on the Champions even more, the amiibo can add in a few more hidden features we don’t know about yet!

The Game Awards 2017 Nominees

The Game Awards 2017 are almost upon us, the most prestigious award show in the video game industry. It has gone through a few names over the years, but Geoff Keighly has built something truly special. The nominees have been announced for the event and it should surprise no one that Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey are both nominated for Game of the Year 2017. Who will win this Nintendo showdown? It may bring in The Game Awards’ best ratings ever!

What is very surprising is that no Nintendo Switch games have been nominated for Best Handheld! With the lack of 3DS releases and the shift in focus towards the Nintendo Switch, this is a surprise. There are quite a few categories, but here is a full list of each category and nominee. The show is on Thursday, December 7, and can be streamed online. They always have a special two or three reveals too during the event, so fans don’t want to miss it!

You can view the full list of nominees and various categories on The Game Awards website. Ultimately though, the entire thing is turning into a Mario versus Zelda competition, and it will be interesting to see which one prevails. Breath of the Wild is the better game, but Super Mario Odyssey just came out, while Breath of the Wild came out almost nine months ago. That will make a difference in people’s minds. Ultimately this shouldn’t be a competition per se. If anything it’s simply showing how successful Nintendo has been in a short matter of months.

There have also been so many other games on so many other systems that will be honored and we cannot forget them. 2017 is the year where this console generation exploded. The best is yet to come.

The Switch is the Best Nintendo System Since Super Nintendo

This is going to be controversial. I grew up with the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. In fact, my fondest memories were playing the SNES with my family. It wasn’t because of the games per se, but because of the fun factor and the quality fond family memories formed. In fact, playing the Super Nintendo with my family are among my most memorable memories with my family. Period. The Super Nintendo had the best game lineup of any Nintendo system; ZeldaMarioMario RPGFinal Fantasy II through VI, Mario Kart; you name it, they had it. Super Star Wars!! There’s too much to actually count. It was a very social console and brought friends and families together.

The Switch is the Best Nintendo System Since Super Nintendo

Nintendo has done something similar with the Nintendo Switch, but has adapted it for the current generation 26 years later. In fact, with the exception of May, there has been a major AAA release for the Switch every month since launch, mostly multiplayer titles, as the Switch is a social console after all. All year. Since March. This doesn’t even take into account that two of the greatest games of all time, Super Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild were released on the console.

One of my colleagues and current lead writers Matthew wrote a piece that the Switch is the best console since the Nintendo GameCube. Being a bit older, I want to take this even further. The Switch is the best Nintendo system since the Super Nintendo. If the console continues with its high-quality game releases and third-party support, which there is no sign of slowing up, the Switch will surpass the SNES, the greatest Nintendo console ever.

Something For Everyone

The Switch is the Best Nintendo System Since Super Nintendo

One of the greatest aspects of the Nintendo Switch is that there is something for everyone. There are hardcore games like Breath of the Wild and Xenoblade Chronicles 2, which comes out in December, and even upcoming third-party titles like Skyrim and the recently released DOOMLA Noire is great. Wolfenstein II is so violent I’m surprised it’s being released for the Switch, but it’s a fantastic title. Then there are games like Super Mario Odyssey, which appeals to everyone, Mario Kart 8 DeluxeSplatoon 2ARMSPokken Tournament DX; the list goes on. And this is since March and all of these games come out through the holidays. It’s an amazing lineup of games.

The Switch is Social

The Switch is the Best Nintendo System Since Super Nintendo

One of the greatest aspects of the Nintendo Switch is that it brings people together. It is social by nature, whether you’re playing on the TV or have multiple systems with you. Instead of LAN parties, you can now have “Switch” parties. It’s the ultimate social console. The Super Nintendo was an incredibly social console. It was a ton of fun, especially playing together with family. It was limited though by the technology of the time. While the Switch doesn’t quite have the third-party support that the SNES had, it has more than current years. I’ve been alive since the NES era. I have never seen a console that has the ability to bring people together like the Nintendo Switch can, even though the Super Nintendo did in its own right. Technology has evolved though and what Nintendo has done with the Switch is everything they ever meant to put in a console. It is the ultimate Nintendo console.

The Switch is the Best Nintendo System Since Super Nintendo

The Switch is the Best Nintendo System Since Super Nintendo

The Switch will ultimately rival the SNES in the quality of its software. Nintendo’s marketing is the best its been in years. The Wii was good, but the Nintendo Switch have both gamers and non-gamers excited again. The SNES never had two GOTY-quality games come out in a span of six months. So many of my friends were getting disillusioned with gaming and their current consoles. They bought a Switch, and now their passion for gaming is re-invigorated. This is only something Nintendo can accomplish.

The GameCube and Nintendo 64 were great consoles. Ocarina of Time is my favorite game of all time. Super Smash Brothers came into its own on the GameCube with MeeleeGoldeneye was one of the best multiplayer games of the 64 era.

The Switch is the Best Nintendo System Since Super Nintendo

Here’s the thing though: a few games don’t make a console. Hardware and high-quality software, including a consistent release schedule, do. Previous Nintendo consoles lacked this going back to the N64. The Switch is the best piece of hardware Nintendo has ever created. Its social potential is unlimited. It’s the best Nintendo console since the SNES and maybe the best Nintendo console of all time, and it hasn’t even been out a full year. It’s not letting up though. The software keeps coming, even third-party titles.

It’s the first time I’ve played video games socially with my parents in over 21 years. I got an SNES 26 years ago. That just goes to show you how special the Nintendo Switch is.

My Sister Bought a Nintendo Switch

I was literally shocked when my sister’s new husband sent me a message over Facebook telling me that she had bought a Nintendo Switch. When I got a message that she then bought Super Mario Odyssey about a week later with the caption, “your sister is obsessed”, I couldn’t help but smile. To go along with her initial purchase she bought Breath of the Wild and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. While she tries to deny it was her idea, she was the one at the register, card in hand. They later went to Target and once again, it was my sister browsing the Nintendo Switch area. My sister was never a huge gamer. The last time I remember playing with her was Diddy Kong Racing for the Nintendo 64. Surprisingly, she was really into that. She would never touch Zelda though.

Growing Up With The Super Nintendo

When I was five years old, our family got a Super Nintendo Entertainment System. This was thanks to my beloved grandmother who got it because I literally begged for the console. My family would get up every Saturday and Sunday morning until I was about nine-years-old and and play the SNES together. These are my fondest childhood memories. We played Super Mario World, Donkey Kong Country, Mario Kart, and my dad and I would play A Link to the Past with me, which ultimately inspired my gaming passion. It was so special. We have not played games together, other than my brother and I, in 21 years, roughly. That’s a long time.

My Sister Bought a Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch brings people together. My sister actually lives 1,000 miles away from me, but we both own Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. She wanted to play with me. This is the first time in 20 years we’ve played video games together. She may deny it all she wants, but the Switch was all her idea. And she has even told me she loves the system. She and her husband have a blast with it. Her husband thoroughly enjoys Zelda and has even asked me for some advice on when to buy the DLC for the game.

Back to Mario Kart though. It’s actually quite emotional to be playing video games with my sister again for the first time in so long, and the fact that she actually wants to play with me. For the first time she’s actually interested in my interests. Previously she wouldn’t talk to me about them. This is truly special. Building closer relatonships with siblings is always special, but the fact that Nintendo is facilitating this? It makes it even moreso for me, as again, gaming is my passion.

Another point: so many people complain about the lack of the Nintendo Switch’s voice chat, but we came up with such a simple and easy solution: we do a FaceTime audio call, with it on speaker on her end so both my sister and her husband can hear me. I wear my headphones on my iPhone. It works, fairly well.

Nostalgia, Memories, and Fun

My Sister Bought a Nintendo Switch
Days after buying Mario Odyssey, My Sister is Back Browsing the Nintendo Switch Section!

Playing Switch with my sister after so many years, especially since our New Jersey babysitter stole our copy of the original Mario Kart (yes this happened, yes I am still so mad about it; may she rot for that), not only brought up nostalgia, but it also brought up some of the happiest memories in my life. There is nothing more memorable in life than quality time with family and friends. Gaming is my love; I have a Zelda tatto for crying out loud! I love it writing about games and reviewing them, as tedious and difficult as it can be. The time I spent as a child with my family playing Super Nintendo were some of the absolute best moments of my entire life, and most memorable. Essentially re-living these moments with my sister, who is only 14-months younger than me? Beyond special.

The opportunity to experience this with my sister all these years later and tell how much fun she was having? That was priceless. The fact that she wanted to play with me again after all these years? Even more special. Nintendo is about one thing: fun. This is their primary goal, time and time again. Mario Kart embodies this perfectly and is the perfect game to play, especially online, with friends and family. Not only that, it plays without any online problems. Of course, I won almost every time (my sister’s husband did win a cup though and this is his first Mario Kart ever; credit where credit is due!). The fact that this is my sister’s husband’s first Mario Kart game shows even further that Nintendo is attracting both old and new gamers alike; the Switch could be the top console of this generation depending on next year’s releases.

The Switch Brings People Together: A New Family Tradition

My sister and I have created a new family tradition, at least between us: at least once a week, we play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe online together. This is beyond special. The Nintendo Switch is a social device and brings people together. What’s even better is that it’s brought members of my family together. Who knows if my parents or two other siblings get one, but the chance to play games with my sister again after 20 years? Nintendo is once again helping us create new memories. They are once again helping us grow closer together. In my mind, this hasn’t truly been done since the SNES era. This will be the most successful Nintendo console of all time.

Most importantly, they are once again allowing us to simply have fun with one another. Other consoles are enjoyable, but the Switch is allowing us to establish a longstanding family tradition — 20 years later. At least, my family, and I’m sure mine isn’t the only one.

It’s fun, it’s dear to my heart, and it’s allowing me to grow even closer to my sister and her new husband. If this is what Nintendo is doing with my family, I can’t imagine the positive impact they are having on others.

Rumor: Grezzo Hiring to Bring HD Zelda Games to Switch

There is a peculiar new listing by developer Grezzo, who brought both Ocarina of Time 3D and Majora’s Mask 3D to the Nintendo 3DS. They are recruiting developers who are well versed in high-definition games, Unreal and Unity. They are looking for developers to create a “Legend” game. Could this be the Legend of Zelda HD collection we at VGCultureHQ have been hoping for on the Nintendo Switch? Considering Wind Waker and Twilight Princess have already been done for the Wii U, could Majora’s MaskOcarina of Time, and more importantly, Skyward Sword be receiving a high-definition treatment from Grezzo?

Grezzo Hiring to Bring HD Zelda Games to Switch

In 2014, Grezzo had a similar listing. Many scoffed at the idea that it was for Majora’s Mask 3D. It was for an opportunity to create a “Legend.” This ended up being a listing for Majora’s Mask 3D. If anyone were to make an HD collection for Zelda for the Switch, Grezzo would be the developer to do it. They have the most experience with the franchise and have worked so closely with Nintendo, re-creating two of the greatest games of all time, not to mention two of the best Zelda games ever made.

Grezzo Hiring to Bring HD Zelda Games to Switch

Many scoffed when I said that there needs to be an HD Zelda collection. “Nintendo’s been there, done that.” Maybe our favorite company was listening to me after all (not to sound cocky!) Riding off the success of Breath of the Wild, even just one HD Zelda game, like Skyward Sword, would be good enough for me. Nintendo is smart. They want to build on the success of Breath of the Wild. With Grezzo’s track record regarding hiring listings surrounding creating “Legends”, there is a good chance that this project is Zelda-related.

Grezzo Hiring to Bring HD Zelda Games to Switch

Personally, if it’s one game, I really hope that it’s Skyward Sword HD. That game deserves it more than any other and has the best narrative in the entire series. With a few tweaks here and there, Grezzo could transform it into a masterpiece.

Grezzo Hiring to Bring HD Zelda Games to Switch
Best scene in the Zelda series.

What game would you like to see as a Zelda HD remake? Do you think that Grezzo is in fact working on Zelda, as is so heavily hinted at? A Zelda HD anthology collection would be so fantastic, especially considering Breath of the Wild’s success. It could introduce a brand new generation to classic Zelda, as we have previously talked about on this site. There is nothing but upside to this.

Here’s to hoping for Skyward Sword in high definition!