Batman The Telltale Series Debuts in August

Batman The Telltale Series debuts in August, according to the Telltale Games’ blog, via digital download. After that, a retail version will be available starting on September 13 and will include the first episode of the series, as well as giving buyers the ability to download the subsequent four episodes. So while Batman The Telltale Series debuts in August, it will be released in retail form in September.


The Batman The Telltale Series’ world premiere trailer debuts next week, and along with this, the release date for the digital release of the game will also be revealed.

We had the chance to view a hands-off demo of Batman The Telltale Series and were left incredibly impressed. Telltale is striving to explore both Bruce Wayne and Batman, attempting to delve into the psych of this character and balance the scenes between the two 50/50, which will be a challenging feat. It received the number two slot of the best games of E3 2016, and we cannot wait for the first installment in the series, especially considering what we saw, which was roughly a half an hour of the first episode.

Whatever the case may be, the fact that the Batman The Telltale Series trailer debuts next week with a release date is incredibly exciting.


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