Nintendo and Sonic Teaming Up

Nintendo released a press release this morning announcing a partnership with fast food chain Sonic. Nintendo and Sonic are teaming up to bring toys based on Mario and Luigi Paper Jam if you order a kid meal between April 19 (tomorrow) and June 30.

SONIC Drive-In is the ideal location to premiere the very first toys based on this unique collaboration.

Sonic is actually the largest drive-in chain in the country, and Nintendo feels that a relationship between Nintendo and Sonic is the ideal partnership for Nintendo’s first venture into toys of this nature. There will be five toys and they will all have different play styles. For instance, Mario will race across the rom in style on wheels and Luigi will spin around like a top, with two other toys folding up like paper to emulate the insane battles in the game. While the toys are intended for children, adults will probably be quick to order their Wacky Pack meals in order to finish the collection.

With this venture being Nintendo’s first venture into strictly toys, it will be very interesting to see where they go from here, with amiibo being so successful.


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