Zelda Tri Force Heroes Patch 2.0 to Release Today in North America

The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes will roll out with a new update today and go through maintenance from 7:50pm to 9pm EST. This new update will include free DLC, including the new “Den of Trials” area, which will feature 32 new stages where you will proceed further underground as you clear each level and complete challenges. The update will also feature two new costumes which can be unlocked by clearing certain conditions: the Fierce Deity Armor and Lineback’s Uniform. Friendly Tokens will now be able to be purchased in Hytopia, but, you will have to clear the game before being able to do this. Miiverse stamps have been added and the game will better allow you to match up with players with a similar play style as your own by prompting you with a question and then matching you up with people who answer similarly. Blacklisting players who quit mid-game will also be easier, allowing you to block them simply by pushing the pause button.



Source: Perfectly Nintendo


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