Famitsu reveals more about NPCs, Costumes, and Items in Tri Force Heroes

Japanese publication Famitsu has revealed an abundance of new information in their latest issue about Tri Force Heroes, giving tidbits about the characters in the game, the various costumes Link will don, and the items Link will use throughout his adventure.


King Carrking
  • King Carrking is the king of the land in which Link fights for throughout the story
  • He wants to bring those together who are reminiscent of the “hero” in order to help his daughter, Princess Frill
  • Both the owner and lead designer of “Madame Tailor”
  • She creates garb for Link which possess special powers
Princess Frill
  • The teenage daughter of King Carrking
  • She has been cursed by a witch with tights that cover her entire body, isolating herself in her room after the incident.
Sir All-Black
  • He is quick to anger and is in charge of the “Anti-Witch Suppression Group”
  • His hair appears to “explode during intense training”
Mysterious Witch
  • She is the witch who cursed Princess Frill
  • It appears that she is an acquaintance of Madame


Basic Info
  • 36 costumes are available for Link to wear
  • There are eight playable sections in the game, each with four levels a piece
Big Bomber Outfit
  • As the title expresses, the outfit uses bombs, although they generate larger explosions
  • It’s easy for teammates to get caught up in the blast, so players have to be careful
Goron Outfit
  • It is resistant to fire
  • It allows you to “climb pillars of flame”
Kokiri Outfit
  • The spirit of a deceased Kokiri dwells within the otufit
  • Similar to the upgraded Bow from A Link Between Worlds and fires three arrows at a time rather than one
Great Spin Armor
  • “Harbors the spirit of a warrior who mastered the Great Spin”
  • If you hold down the B button, you can release a much larger spin attack than normal
Balloon Tights
  • Reminiscent of Tingle’s clothes in previous Zelda games
  • With balloons on your back, it seems that you can float up and reach steep areas.
Warrior Outfit
  • When Link wears the outfit his sword power doubles
  • The sword unleashes a beam reminiscent of the one in A Link to the Past and A Link Between Worlds that can attack enemies that are a distance away.
Hyrule Dress
  • Similar to Princess Zelda’s dress
  • Increases the chances of hearts dropping after the defeat of opponents
Aristocrat Outfit
  • Rupees drop at an increased rate when enemies are defeated
  • Although it is not clear what role Rupees will play in the game, the outfit will be helpful when saving up your money
Water User’s Robe
  • A robe which is colored like the water
  • This is an item which has never appeared in a Zelda game
  • It boosts the effects of the Water Rod “and range” by two


Arm Shot
  • Similar to the Hookshot and the Clawshot, the Arm Shot grapples across areas that Link would otherwise be unable to jump over
  • The Boomerang can fetch items and even other Links at a distance
  • The weapon is able to attack enemies as well
Water Rod
  • The Water Rod creates large pillars of water where there are areas of water that can be walked on
  • The Water User’s Robe gives bonus effects to the Water Rod.
Just Jar
  • Returning from Skyward Sword, the Gust Jar blows a gust of air
  • You can blow both enemies, items, and even your teammates across the map

Source: Famitsu
via: GoNintendo



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