Nintendo boasts impressive operational profit, if predictions are correct

Japanese media outlet Nikkei has come out with some promising financial projections for Nintendo regarding the latest fiscal year (which ended this past March). While they were originally forecast to operate with a profit of 20 billion yen for the year, they exceeded expectations and now anticipate posting an operating profit of 25 billion yen. Last year, Nintendo operated at a 46.4 billion yen operating loss, so this is quite a turnaround.

Nikkei cites many reasons for their estimates. Despite what they call the Wii U’s “struggles” (which may be debatable), the launch of Super Smash Bros. and games like Yo-Kai Watch (a Japanese-only title) were highly successful. In addition, the launch of the New Nintendo 3DS also sold a lot of hardware units, helping Nintendo finish out the fiscal year on a strong note (at least outside of Japan).

Amiibo also hit the world by storm in 2014, selling in massive quantities around the globe and must have helped contribute to Nintendo’s success this past year as well.

With this fiscal year behind us, a new one has begun and Nintendo is pulling no punches with the release of games they have lined up, such as Star Fox USplatoon, and Xenoblade: Chronicles X — and those are only a few of the games that they have for the Wii U!

How do you think Nintendo will fare in 2015?


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