Music Monday: Enter Ganondorf

A Link to the Past introduced many classic Zelda themes to the series. None of them were as dark and foreboding as “Ganon’s Theme”, later dubbed “Ganondorf’s Theme” in Ocarina of Time though. One of my favorite pieces in all of Zelda, it also provides me with my favorite moment in the entire series. Link has just unlocked the final seal in Ganon’s Tower in Ocarina of Time and heads to its interior. As he proceeds his way through the tower, “Ganondorf’s Theme” is being played on a pipe organ, slowly becoming louder and louder as Link progresses through Ganondorf’s domain. While the sequence features little fighting and absolutely no puzzle solving, it is my favorite moment in the Zelda series purely because of the music and the epic atmosphere it creates. It shows how the power of music can create a very special atmosphere, unique to gaming. That is why my pick for today’s Music Monday is “Inside Ganon’s Castle” by ZREO.


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