Majora’s Mask Pack tidbits found in Hyrule Warriors update

Gamers have gotten their hands on the Hyrule Warriors 1.5 update and have managed to go through the files and find some very interesting media, especially relating to the Majora’s Mask Pack due out on February 5 in North America and January 29 in all other territories.

There were three pieces of music found in the files for the Majora’s Mask Adventure Map, as well as several images. All three pieces of music were variations of the Clock Town theme, with the second piece being incredibly foreboding. The final piece is a complete 8-bit remix of Termina’s classic theme.

The three images that were found portray our favorite neighborhood fairy, Tingle, as well as Midna with a shield over her face and a depiction of the classic Fierce Deity Link.

The Majora’s Mask Pack can’t come soon enough! The it is the third of four DLC packs that are due out for Hyrule Warriors and will be priced at $7.99 USD.






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