Hyrule Warriors: The Movie is holding open auditions for voice actors and fans alike


Hyrule Warriors: The Movie, a project being put together for Zelda Universe, is holding open auditions to anyone who would like to have a role in the film! Spearheading the movie is Zelda Universe’s own Lead Media Editor Alexander Trevino, also known as Chocoroko. He refers to the film as exactly what one would expect — a film comprised of all of the cutscenes from Hyrule Warriors, fully voiced and edited together as a single entity.

Straight from the website, “Everybody who auditions and gets cast will be provided with a script of lines for their own character. Every cast member is to have their lines recorded and sent to me accordingly (best place is through my email in the contact information). You will later be given a schedule of what is due and when to have your recordings sent to me.”

In addition to this, each cast member will receive a special pre-screening of the film before its release date. All cast and crew members will also receive full credit for their contributions to the project.

The film will consist of 16 characters, and has already seen 64 auditions submitted! If you are an up-and-coming voice actor, or you simply want to try something new, you can go and audition here for this incredibly exciting project here. Act fast, as there is plenty of competition to be had!

The full list of characters that appear in the film are:

  • Proxy the Fairy
  • Impa
  • Sheik
  • Zelda
  • Lana
  • Ganondorf
  • Darunia
  • Ruto
  • Agitha
  • Fi
  • Girahim
  • Midna
  • Zant
  • Cia
  • Volga
  • Wizzro

Further details upon being cast will be sent out at a later date. Be sure to check the official casting call page for more updates.

Hyrule Warriors had such an interesting and crazy story — I can’t wait to see it brought to life!


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