Fanart Friday: One Link, two worlds

A Link Between Worlds was met with universal critical praise, but parts of the Zelda fandom were left divided about the changes the game brought about. Items were no longer found in dungeons but were either rented or bought from Ravio, a mysterious young man in a rabbit suit. The game saw the return of the Dark World in the form of Lorule, the dark reflection of Hyrule. Link also gained the ability to transform into a painting, merging with walls, making A Link Between Worlds one of the greatest puzzle games when stacked up against its predecessors.

This week’s pick for Fanart Friday reflects (no pun intended) the duality of A Link Between Worlds, comparing and contrasting Lorule and Hyrule, Hilda and Zelda, and Link’s own duality. “A LINK BETWEEN WORLDS FAN ART” by Phoenixboy of DeviantArt expresses all of these aspects perfectly, making it the ideal choice for this week’s Fanart Friday.



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