Fanart Friday: Anju and Kafei

Today’s Fanart Friday is a tribute to one of the most rewarding sidequests in all of Zelda. It seemed only fitting with today being the release date for Majora’s Mask 3D and tomorrow being Valentines Day.

Kafei is a young man who is desperately in love with Anju,with the two being engaged, but due to the actions of the Skull Kid, he has been reverted to the form of a child. It is Link’s task to reunite the two during the course of his journey, which results in one of the most intricate and emotional sidequests in the entire series. This piece by sythiar of Deviantart captures the mood of these characters’ stories perfectly in his piece “Kafei and Anju“. In a world bent on destruction and everything seemingly going wrong, the love between these two characters is a beacon of hope, which is why “Kafei and Anju” is today’s choice for Fanart Friday.



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