Behind the scenes with “Game of Hyrule”

“Game of Hyrule” has become incredibly popular online, and its creator has come out with a behind-the-scenes video of the fan film. In the clip, Megasteakman talks about how the intro was based on a script that he wrote in 2012, which definitely pre-dates the Netflix TV rumor. He claims that he wanted to use the Game of Thrones intro because it is the “best intro on TV”.

Megasteakman goes through a lot of the technical details of how his creation came to be, including model creation, rendering, lighting, compositing, and the textures in the video. While the original A Link to the Past map has a lot of things that are “cloned”, such as trees and houses, Game of Hyrule created a large number of original content for the map, making it much more dynamic. It makes the world truly feel alive. There are also some hidden gems in the video, such as Majora’s Mask and the Lens of Truth!

While some of the technical details go over my head, it is fascinating to see how “Game of Hyrule” came to be and it is a remarkable accomplishment, especially for a fan film. It is Megasteakman’s goal to have the full project out by this May. Paint me excited!


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