Nintendo Underdogs Reorchestrated Kickstarter honors 30 years of Nintendo music

Nintendo Underdogs Reorchestrated (NUREO for short) is a Kickstarter spearheaded by Colin McIsaac, which is dedicated to orchestrating some of the best little-known music from Nintendo’s 30-plus year history. NUREO is focused on re-imagining 20 of Nintendo’s most classic songs that haven’t been traditionally recognized by the likes of other re-orchestration projects such as Zelda Reorchestrated and Pokemon Reorchestrated, NUREO is looking to orchestrate music that some would consider obscure, such as the theme song to Super Mario Bros. 2 and the music from Joy Mech Fight. Nintendo Underdogs Reorchestrated is striving for variety, as opposed to previous projects mentioned and hopes to focus on Nintendo music as a whole as opposed to just one series.

With five days left, NUREO has received 132 backers and has raised $3,462 of its $6,000 goal. With the money raised from the Kickstarter, Collin McIsaac hopes to drastically improve the quality of his sound library to include professional orchestral sound samples which sound drastically better than the samples heard in the video below.

There are only five days left to pledge, so check out the video below and see if this project is right up your alley!


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