Music Monday: Goodbye CD-ii Month

CD-ii Month is coming to a close, and we sure are going to miss it. But rather than mourn the ending of such a great event, let’s celebrate all the fun we’ve had with the biggest dance party the Island of Koridai has ever seen! Here we go with the final Music Monday of CD-ii Month 2014.

Amanda’s Pick

I think we should all make it a point to include “Squadala” into our daily vocabulary. Since we don’t exactly know what Gwonam’s famous catchphrase really means, it’s pretty versatile. Use it to greet your friends, “Squadala everyone! It’s great to see you.” Express your delight, “Squadala, that cake is delicious!” Or use it as a euphemism, “What in the Squadala is going on here?” It’s also a great addition to a dance remix, acting as both lyrics and rhythm. This is SavedByGODsGrace777‘s “Squadala — Sparta Madhouse V3 Remix”.

Morgan’s Pick

Is everyone ready to put their dance shoes on? With CD-ii Month coming to a close, it’s only fitting to go out with a celebration of sorts, with Link, King Harkinian, Princess Zelda, and Ganon all in attendance. Watch their smooth dance moves in this special version of “Raver’s Anthem”, and remember, mah boi, this peace is what all true warriors strive for! With that said, let’s dance and finish CD-ii Month off in style with my pick for Music Monday, Roboto113’s “Zelda CD-i Dance Party”.



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