Music Monday: An ode to Father’s Day

Fathers are pivotal individuals in our lives. They help give birth to us, they guide us and provide us wisdom throughout our lives. We are using this Music Monday to celebrate Father’s Day and the influence these wonderful men have made on us throughout our lifespan. I know my own father actually played A Link to the Past with me when I was younger, and these are some of my fondest memories. Like so many other fathers, he nurtured me into the man I am today, and if I could be half the man he is I would consider myself proud. With that, I give you our selections for this special Father’s Day edition of Music Monday!

Morgan’s pick

My father is a very special man. He’s overcome a lot in his life, and it is his perseverance and insurmountable drive that I admire most about him, two qualities that I myself have inherited. When I was six years old, my uncle sent us a brand new game that had just been released for Christmas: A Link to the Past. This game changed my life forever and set me on a path that I would have never imagined. I would play this game with my dad for hours, even faking sick days from school to be able to play with him on his days off. Music Monday is the perfect venue to commemorate my father, whose passion for Zelda at one point exceeded my own. To honor my dad, I have chosen this Hyrule Castle Theme Metal/Rock Cover by Andrew Lachs from A Link to the Past. This piece evokes some of the most precious memories I have shared with father and is a fitting commemoration of him for Father’s Day.

Amanda’s pick

I’m going to be totally cliché and say I have the greatest dad in the world, because well, it’s true. If he were in the Zelda series, he wouldn’t just hold the Triforce, he would be the Triforce. All three pieces — power, wisdom and courage. When I was 12, he took me to the mall to buy (with my own money) my very first Zelda game — Ocarina of Time. It just came out and I had preordered it, but of course the 16-year-olds working at the toy store had lost my reservation. Luckily he was with me and made sure I got the game and all of my preorder bonuses. So for this week’s Father’s Day Music Monday, I chose the Ocarina of Time opening theme, the first Zelda song I ever heard.

Alex’s pick

Father’s are important figures in many people’s lives. They offer advice, guidance, wisdom, and so much more to us. They’re willing to help us get through the tough times. The Goron Elder in Majora’s Mask is a wonderful example of the impact that fathers can have on their children. The Elder’s son misses him deeply, but automatically falls asleep when Link plays the Goron Lullaby to him. MerryberryMusic performs a wonderful cover of the Goron Lullaby, and her voice is the voice of many fathers and what they do for us. Check it out.


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