Juicy 10 minute gameplay video of Lorule dungeon!



As was reported earlier, GameXplain was given the opportunity to spend 45 minutes with A Link Between Worlds and has been posting some gameplay videos from their experience with the game. Previously they posted a video exploring both Lorule and Hyrule, but now they have posted a video of their experience traversing through an eerily familiar dungeon that many fans will recognize. For details about the dungeon, along with the gameplay video, hit after the jump! Be warned, there are spoilers.

This lava-filled labyrinth will be familiar to anyone who has played A Link to the Past, as this is A Link Between World’s version of Turtle Rock! The Ice Rod is featured prominently in this dungeon and is used to hold seesaw-like contraptions in place so that Link can navigate between platforms, as well as create platforms out of the molten lava present throughout the dungeon. The most refreshing part of the dungeon is that it is seemingly non-linear; there is a lot of exploration to be done, especially with the new drawing mechanic, and there isn’t any hand holding that is evident. One of the most frustrating parts of the video is actually watching and wanting to play the game for yourself! I found myself wanting to yell, “go there! go there!”, when the gamer is seemingly stuck, but it is too easy to say this while watching idly by. Enemies appear to take away one-to-two hearts with a single blow, which further cements this as one of the more difficult installments in the Zelda series as of late.

What impresses me the most in this video is not the gameplay mechanics, the beautiful graphics, or even the dungeon design, which are all superb, but the music. From the moment Link enters Turtle Rock I was completely mesmerized. The music sets the perfect tone for the dungeon, and is some of the best dungeon music we have heard in the series in a long while.

If this is a sign of things to come from A Link Between Worlds, it may end up having the best mix of difficulty, freedom of exploration, dungeon design, and music that the franchise has seen in years.

Source: GameXplain
Via: GoNintendo

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