Approximate completion time for A Link Between Worlds, Hero Mode tidbits revealed


TourianTourist of Zelda Europe and Hyrule Blog has completed A Link Between Worlds on both normal and hero modes, and has stated on the Zelda Universe Forums that it took him approximately 44 hours to complete everything in the game on both modes. This is consistent with another report from a Dutch Nintendo site, N1intendo, which stated that it took them 18.5 hours to 100% the game on normal mode.

TourianTourist has also revealed that in Hero Mode enemies do quadruple damage, and while he should have already collected everything there is to get in the game by this point, “there’s still something left to do, which will keep the game alive for a while“. Could this be the hidden extra that Nintendo hinted about in their press release?

Thanks to Zelda Universe community member TourianTourist for the information!

Source: Hyrule Blog [1], Zelda Universe Forums [2], N1ntendo [3], Nintendo Life [4]
Via: Zelda Universe Forums [1], Nintendo Everything [2]

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